War of the Rebellion: Serial 032 Page 0896 MO., ARK., KANS., IND. T., AND DEPT. N. W. Chapter XXIV.

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Abstract from return of the Department of the Northwest, Brigadier General Washington L. Elliott, U. S. Army, commanding,* for December 31, 1862.

Present for duty.

Command. Office Men. Aggrega Aggrega Remarks on

rs. te te original.

present present

. and


Departmen 12 7 19 29

t staff.

First 10 98 159 477


District 169 3,821 4,370 6,546 Large numbers

of sick, and the

Minnesota measles

. throughout the


State of 50 1,360 1,634 1,882 Does not include

Wisconsin two companies of

. paroled

prisoners, about

60 men each.

Total. 241 5,286 6,182 8,934 This return is

necessarily very

incomplete, as

full returns

have not yet

been received

from the whole

command. The


however, are

nearly, if not

quite, correct.

Troops in the Department of the Northern, December 31, 1862.


Brigadier General JOHN COOK.

41st Iowa, Major John Pattee.

Dakota Cavalry, Company A, Captain Nelson Miner.

Sioux City Cavalry, Company A, Captain Andrew J. Millard.


Brigadier General HENRY H. SIBLEY.

3rd Minnesota,+ Colonel Chauncey W. Griggs.

6th Minnesota, Colonel William Crooks.

7th Minnesota, Colonel Stephen Miller.

8th Minnesota, Colonel Minor T. Thomas.

9th Minnesota, Colonel Alexander Wilkin.

10th Minnesota, Colonel James H. Baker.

1st Minnesota Mounted Rangers, Colonel Samuel McPhaill.


Brigadier General WASHINGTON L. ELLIOTT.

25th Wisconsin, Colonel Milton Montgomery.

30th Wisconsin, Colonel Daniel J. Dill.


* In temporary absence of Major General John Pope.

+ Paroled at Murfreesborough, Tenn. In process of reorganization at Fort Snelling.