War of the Rebellion: Serial 032 Page 0848 MO., ARK., KANS., IND. T., AND DEPT. N. W. Chapter XXXIV.

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General Vaughan's artillery was then brought to bear on our lines, his cavalry being in our rear and on our right flank. A detachment then advanced and possessed themselves of the negroes and children, with their effects. This being done, Lieutenant-Colonel Hayes was placed in arrest by General Vaughan, and ordered to report to General Curtis, at Saint Louis, on the 15th of December, 1862. Major Kennedy then took command of the Twelfth Regimen, and marched it for the headquarters, at Paola, Kans. A captain and 12 men of Colonel Penick's command escorted the regiment to the State line.

As we returned, we came upon a deserted camp of bushwhackers.

Three persons belonging to the camp were killed, and 20 horses taken.

The command arrived at Paola, Kans., on the 2nd day of December, 1862.


Statement of Lieutenant [M. L.] Town.

The Twelfth Kansas Volunteers started from camp at Paola on the 20th of November. I knew nothing of the object of the expedition, nor of the information upon which it was based. We passed through Kansas City and Independence, Mo. We took rebel property wherever we found it. Some of the property was returned upon presentation of enrollment papers from whom it was taken. Quite a number of slaves came within our lines; they came of their own accord. We did not find any party of the enemy. While encamped at Pink Hill, General Vaughan, Enrolled Missouri Militia, came up with about 400 men and examined our camp; said he understood we were a band of jayhawkers and Indians; said he did not propose fighting us, as we carried the Stars and Stripes; said they had no doubt the property we had taken belonging to secesh, but that they had orders to take it, and must do so. They then took all the property, and even some that we had taken with us from our camp. They also demanded the negroes. I know nothing of the conversation which took place between Colonel Adams and General Vaughan. Colonel Adams was placed in arrest, and Lieutenant-Colonel Hayes took command of the regiment. Soon after, General Vaughan sent and took from us all the property and the negroes that had come into our camp. I heard a number of officers and men express themselves dissatisfied with the course General Vaughan had pursued. Before starting for Kansas City, Lieutenant-Colonel Hayes was arrested, and Major Kennedy took command of the regiment. We then marched back to the State line, escorted by a portion of General Vaughan's command.


Statement of Captain [G. W.] Ashby.

Colonel Adams left camp at Paola on the 20th of November, with about 210 men. The object of the expedition, as I understood it, was to pursue bushwhackers. I have heard the statement of Lieutenant Town, and agree with him in his statement. The facts there stated are correct, to the best of my knowledge. I have nothing to add to his statement.