War of the Rebellion: Serial 032 Page 0736 MO.,ARK., KANS., IND.T., AND DEPT. N. W. Chapter XXXIV.

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enemy's stables, as also quite a number of negroes found in the contraband camp, all of which were taken possession of by the division quartermaster upon our arrival at Princeton. I brought off likewise the papers found in the office of Colonel [Powell] Clayton's adjutant-general. These have heretofore been forwarded to division headquarters.

I presume the reports of Major Wood, commanding battalion, and Major Chenoweth, commanding Texas brigade, were forwarded directly to division headquarters. They were never sent to me. I have the honor to forward herewith the report of Major Bull, commanding my own brigade on that day. I respectfully refer you to these reports for the names of those who deserve special mention, and also for lists of the killed and wounded. All did well, and had the order been given to never seen more determination evinced by any troops. Every one seemed anxious to do his whole duty, and a generous emulation inspired the whole command. Every order was obeyed with alacrity, and none shrank from responsibility or danger.

I have to acknowledge my obligations to Major Wood, Chenoweth, and Bull for their activity and zeal. Pratt, as usual, did good work that day, and his men behaved with their accustomed bravery and steadiness.

To the gentlemen of the brigade staff who were with me, I am indebted for valuable assistance, as also to Captain W. N. Portis, of Newton's regiment, and Lieutenant [J. F.] Pulliam, of [A. S.] Dobbin's regiment, who were with me as volunteer aides-de-camp. Colonel [W. S.] O'Kane, of General Marmaduke's staff, likewise deserves my warmest thanks for valuable assistance rendered me during the entire day.

I am, major, very respectfully, &c.,


Colonel, Commanding. &c.


Assistant Adjutant-General, &c., Marmaduke's Division.

DECEMBER 19, 1863.

MAJOR: Your note calling my attention to your previous order for a report of my killed and wounded in the engagement at Pine Bluff is received. As I stated in my report of that engagement, the reports of Majors Wood and Chenoweth, who were under my command on that day, were never sent to me, but, as I supposed, were forwarded directly to division headquarters. In Denson's squadron there were 2 men wounded, and Denson's report, stating their names,&c.,was forwarded to you. In Colonel Dobbin's regiment there were no killed and wounded. In my own regiment 1 man was killed (Private [John] Smith, Major Bull's orderly), and that fact was stated in Major Bull's report, also forwarded. If you desire a consolidated report, showing the three casualties in Denson's squadron and my own regiment, please return me Denson's report, and I will furnish the required report without further delay. I supposed that the report of the facts heretofore made was sufficient. The principal casualties were in Wood's and Chenoweth's commands.

I am, major, very respectfully,


Colonel, Commanding.


Assistant Adjutant-General, Marmaduke's Division.