War of the Rebellion: Serial 032 Page 0579 Chapter XXXIV. QUANTRILL'S RAID INTO KANSAS, ETC.

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ties of the Lawrence massacre. My forces in Missouri and Kansas having been greatly reduced by re-enforcements sent to Generals Grant, Steele, and Blunt, I am glad to avail myself of your offer of a part of the Kansas militia to aid the United States forces in this district.

With the chief towns on the eastern border of Kansas garrison by the militia of the State, and with two regiments of volunteers, which I have lately ordered to re-enforce the troops already in the district, the military authorities will be able not only to execute the orders for the expulsion of disloyal persons, but also to pursue and destroy the guerrilla bands which have so long ravaged the border.

For the purpose named, I will accept the services of so many companies of militia as may be deemed necessary by you and the district commander to protect the towns referred to.

I have the honor to be, very respectfully, your obedient servant,



Numbers 2. Report of Brigadier General Thomas Ewing, Jr., U. S. Army,commanding District of the Border.


Kansas City, Mo., August 31, 1863.

SIR: Some commanders of detachments engaged in the pursuit of Quantrill are still out after his scattered forces. In advance of their return, I submit a report of the raid, which, in some respect, may be deficient, for want of official information from them.

Three or four times this summer the guerrillas have assembled, to the number of several hundred, within 20 or 30 miles of the Kansas border. They have threatened, alternately, Lexington, Independence, Warrensburg, and Harrisonville, and frequent reports have reached me from scouts and spies that they meant to sack and destroy Shawnee, Olathe, Paola, Mound City, and other towns in Kansas near the eastern border. I placed garrisons in all these Kansas towns, and issued arms and rations to volunteer militia companies there. From reliable sources I learned, toward the last of July, that they were threatening a raid on Lawrence, and soon after they commenced assembling on the Snibar, in the western part of La Fayette County. I at once ordered a company of infantry, which was then coming down from Fort Riley, to stop at Lawrence, which they did for more than a week, and until after the guerrilla force had been dispersed by a force I sent against them.

From this time, though constantly receiving information as to their movements and pans, I could learn nothing of a purpose to make a raid into Kansas. Their forces were again scattered in small predatory bands, and I had all available forces in like manner scattered throughout the Missouri portion of this district, and especially the border counties, besetting their haunts and paths.

Quantrill's whole force was about 300 men, composed of selected bands from this part of Missouri. About 250 were assembled on Blackwater, near the eastern border of this district, at least 50 miles from the Kansas line, on the 17th and 18th instant, and I am informed by Major [J. T.] Ross, Missouri State Militia, who has been scouting in the southwest part of Saline County, that the rendezvous was there.

Lieutenant-Colonel [B. F.] Lazear, commanding two companies of the