War of the Rebellion: Serial 032 Page 0516 MO., ARK., KANS., IND. T., AND DEPT. N. W. Chapter XXXIV.

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Numbers 17. Itinerary of the First Brigade, Second Division, Colonel William H. Graves commanding, August 1-September 11.*

August 1.-The last of this brigade, then consisting of the Forty-third, Sixty-first, and One hundred and sixth Illinois, and Twelfth Michigan Regiments of Infantry, arrived at Helena, Ark. [from Snyder's Bluff], and encamped on the banks of the Mississippi, 2 miles below the town.

August 6.-The Eighteenth and Fifty-fourth Illinois Regiments assigned to the brigade.

August 8.-The Fifth Ohio Battery assigned. During the expedition men were detailed from the infantry to make the battery effective for field service.

August 13-17.-Marched from Helena to Clarendon. The men suffered from heat, and from the want of water and medicines.

August 22.-Crossed White River.

August 24.-Arrived at Devall's Bluff.

September 1.-Brigade left Devall's Bluff, and marched 20 miles toward Brownsville.

September 2.-Arrived at Brownsville and encamped.

September 6.-Marched from Brownsville to Bayou Meto.

September 7.-Marched to Ink Bayou, about 3 miles from Arkansas River and 12 miles from Little Rock.

September 10.-Broke camp at 4 a. m., and moved to a point on Arkansas River about 12 miles below Little Rock, where a pontoon bridge was being constructed, and a considerable body of cavalry and some artillery occupied the opposite shore; but no enemy made his appearance on the north side of the river. The rebel battery opened on one of the regiments as it was marching past the bridge to take up a position, but was soon silenced by the artillery of this and other brigades. No casualties occurred. In the afternoon the brigade moved to a point on the north side of the Arkansas River, 1 1/2 miles below Little Rock, and on the 11th went into camp.

Numbers 18. Itinerary of the Second Brigade, Second Division, Colonel Oliver Wood commanding, August 13-September 10.+

August 13-31.-The brigade has marched from Helena to Clarendon, 54 miles, and thence to Devall's Bluff, 22 miles.

September 1-2.-Marched from Devall's Bluff to Brownsville.

September 7.-Marched from Brownsville to Ink Bayou.

September 10.-Marched from Ink Bayou to Little Rock, occupying that place on the same evening. No casualties during the engagements.


*From "Record of Events" on returns of First Brigade, Second Division, Arkansas expedition, for August, and of Third Brigade, Kimball's division, Army of Arkansas, for September, 1863. Kimball's division was organized September 13, 1863, True's brigade becoming the First, Engelmann's (formerly Wood's) the Second, and Graves' the Third.

+From "Record of Events" on the brigade returns for August and September, 1863.