War of the Rebellion: Serial 032 Page 0328 MO., ARK., KANS., IND. T., AND DEPT. N. W. Chapter XXXIV.

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them, killing and wounding 14,000, and taking a great many prisoners. The reports of Fredericksburg and Murfreesborough are true, I believe but I don't know about the last. I will send you papers as soon as they come.

The number of my sick is on the increase; they are greatly damaged by our late expedition, but I hope, will be rested and well again.

I am, general, very truly,


Colonel, Commanding Cavalry, Marmaduke's Division.

Brigadier-General MARMADUKE.

MAY 13-18, 1863.-Scout from Newtonia to French Point and Centre Creek, Mo., and skirmishes.


Numbers 1.-Lieutenant Colonel Thomas T. Crittenden, Eighth Missouri State Militia Cavalry.

Numbers 2.-Major edward B. Eno, Eighth Missouri State Militia Cavalry.

Numbers 1. Reports of Lieutenant Colonel Thomas T Crittenden, Eight Missouri State Militia Cavalry.

NEWTONIA, May 18, 1863.

COLONEL: Major Eno came in this evening, after a scout of five days. Divided his force, of 200 men, into three division, under himself, Captain Ballew, of Company I, Seventh Missouri State Militia Cavalry. The latter, in conjunction with Captain Cassairt, of Company I, Eighth Missouri State Militia Cavalry, with 60 men in all, moved down Centre Creek; found Livingston near the Centre Creek lead mines, strongly posted behind densely thick brush and an old shop, with 100 splendidly armed guerrillas. Attacked them vigorously; drove them from the bush; killed 7; wounded many others badly. One captain, 1 lieutenant, and Colonel Harrison are believed to have been killed 7; wounded many others badly. One captain, 1 lieutenant, and Colonel Harrison are believed to have been killed. I lost 4 killed and 2 wounded, slightly.

After the fight, Major Eno, Captains Henslee and Cassairt joined their force, and entirely scattered the rebels, by active chasing.

Ballew, in consequence of misunderstanding, became entirely separated-was not engaged. Colonel, the officers and soldiers behaved very gallantly in this fight. Major Eno is a vigorous, energetic officer. Livingston had 200 men under him, in Jasper Country, a few days ago. His force is increasing rapidly. A large force, under Coffee & Co., are gathering in Jasper Country, to attack this post, as currently believed by friend and foe. I will fight them. Will send tri-monthly report.


Lieutenant-Colonel, Commanding Post.


Commanding District of Southwest Missouri.


* See also May 6-19, p.321.