War of the Rebellion: Serial 032 Page 0310 MO., ARK., KANS., IND. T., AND DEPT. N. W. Chapter XXXIV.

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At meridian, General Cabell, with the shattered and panic-stricken cohorts, was retreating precipitately through the passes of the Boston Mountains toward the Arkansas River, leaving his dead and wounded in our hands.

Fellow-soldiers, it is to your honor and credit I say it, he could not have left them in better hands. Not one act of barbarity,or even unkindness, stains the laurels you so proudly wear. Such may your conduct ever be, brave and unflinching in battle, kind and generous to the vanquished. Abstain from all cruelty and excess; respect the immunities of private property; never insult or injure woman or children, the aged, the sick, or a fallen foe. Let us show to our enemies that the Federal soldiers of Arkansas are as generous as they are brave and patriotic; let us prove to them the justice of our cause and the purity of our purposes, so that soon we may gather together under the broad folds of our time-honored and victorious banner every true-hearted son of Arkansas.

Fellow-soldiers, I congratulate you all upon the glorious victory you have won, by your cool and determined bravery, for that Union which our revolutionary sires established by their valor and sealed with their blood. More than all I congratulate you that this battle was fought upon Arkansas soil, and this victory won by Arkansians alone, thereby testifying to our patriotic brethren in arms from other State that we are not only willing but anxious to second their efforts in rescuing our State from the dominion of traitors; but in all our rejoicing let us not neglect to shed the tear of regret over the graves of these heroic men who fell besides us fighting bravely for the nation's honor.

Green by their mossy graves;

Immortal be their name;

Above, their banner proudly waves,

While heaven records their fame:

A just cause is ours. The Stars and Stripes float gallantly over us.

God is on our side, Who can be against us?

By order of Colonel M. La Re Harrison, commanding post:


Lieutenant, Post Adjutant.


April 20, 1863.

Colonel HARRISON, Fayetteville, Ark.:

Dispatch of yesterday received. Tender my thanks to the soldiers of your command for their gallant conduct in the battle of Fayetteville. You have done nobly. Arkansas vindicates her own honor by repulsing the rebel flag with her own brave sons. Send minute reports, naming the most deserving officers and men.



Numbers 2. Report of Brigadier General W. L. CABELL, C. S. Army.


Ozark, April 25, 1863.

COLONEL: I have the honor to inform you that, having received what I supposed, and had every reason to believe, to be reliable information