War of the Rebellion: Serial 032 Page 0302 MO., ARK., KANS., IND. T., AND DEPT. N. W. Chapter XXXIV.

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In the Field, May 5, 1863.

MAJOR: By orders from division headquarters of 27th ultimo, my brigade constituted the rear, the division moving from Jackson to Bloomfield. I took up the line of march in rear or the column of the morning of April 27, throwing out skirmishers in rear and flankers on the right and left. At different points in the day, the Nineteenth Texas, Twenty-first Texas, and Morgan's squadron, in conjunction with a section of Pratt's battery, were successively placed in the rear of my command. The enemy made his appearance on the Fredericktown road about 8 a. m.,; commenced shelling my rear regiment a few moments after the command had been given to move. The shelling was kept up at intervals until 4 o'clock without any loss to us. I did not deem it expedient to return their artillery fire. About 4 p. m. their advance engaged my rear skirmishers within 3 miles of White Water Brigade. Soon an entire Federal regiment was brought into action. They were at different point near brigade successively charged by the Twenty-first, Nineteenth, and Morgan's squadron, with heavy loss.

My loss, 1 killed and 1 wounded in the Nineteenth Texas, 1 slightly wounded in the Twenty-first, and 1 killed in Morgan's squadron. I am not able to report the number of enemy killed. We captured 18 prisoners, including 1 captain.

Both men and officers acted with great coolness and courage.

At 5 o'clock, I crossed successfully over White Water Brigade, destroying the bridge and encamping my command 8 miles beyond. On the 28th, I moved my command into camp within 3 miles of Bloomfield.

On the 29th, I placed by Brigade in line of battle on the heights near Bloomfield, and remained there until the 30th,when I moved toward Chalk Bluff.

On may 2, my brigade again constituted the rear guard, throwing out skirmishers and flankers. At 10 a. m. I was informed that a cavalry brigade of the enemy were approaching,when I placed one section of Pratt's battery in position masked, directing my skirmishers to draw the enemy on. When within 400 yards, the artillery opened a very destructive fire with grape, driving them back in confusion. A charge was ten made by two of their cavalry regiments, which was received by the First Squadron, Nineteenth Texas, under Captain [John B.] Williams, in the most gallant style. The enemy were charged in turn by Company K, Twenty-first, Captain [Martin M.] Kenney, with detachment from Nineteenth and Morgan, driving them with great confusion and heavy loss. My rear guard, under Major [C. L.] Morgan, made two other successful charges during the day.

My loss, 1 killed in Morgan's squadron; Nineteenth, 1 killed 10 wounded, 8 missing. We captured a number of prisoners, including 1 captain. The enemy's dead strewed the road for half a mile. The officer landing the enemy estimate must make their killed during the day 150. I speak confidently on this subject, because this fighting took place under my own eye, within a few feet of the position I held.

At 5 o'clock, by the order of the commanding general, I took position in rear of the line of battle selected subsequently; a squadron was held in reserve in the rear of the center, while the Twenty-first was sent as reserve on the extreme left, and the Nineteenth to the extreme right Pratt's battery being withdrawn across the river. I them assumed command of the extreme left wing. The enemy opened on our lines spiritedly