War of the Rebellion: Serial 032 Page 0245 Chapter XXXIV. GUERRILLA ATTACK ON STEAMER SAM. GATY.

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MARCH 24-APRIL 1, 1863.-Scout from Bloomfield to Scatterville, Mo.

Report of Major William H. Torrey, First Wisconsin Cavalry.


Post Bloomfield, Mo., April 2, 1863.

GENERAL: Left Bloomfield March 24, 1863, at 6 a. m., with detachment of First Wisconsin Cavalry, Second Missouri State Militia Cavalry, and one mountain howitzer. Arrived within 1/2 miles this side of Chalk Bluff at 4 p. m. the same day; found the enemy in possession of the bluffs, skirmishing with our pickets; learned their force to be two companies. Immediately sent 8 miles for tools to build a raft, and 6 miles for a canoe; could not get the canoe for high water. Built the raft next morning above the bluffs, and crossed with 70 men. The enemy attempted to prevent out crossing, but were driven back by the howitzer; found one of the enemy dead on the bank. Marched around to the bluffs, surprised the picket, mortally wounding 2 men; learned from them that Colonel Preston was in camp, 1 miles from the bluffs, with 400 men. Recrossed the river.

Next morning [26th], crossed over with 100 men, and commenced swimming horses; found it impossible to get them across; the water was so cold and the current so strong that the horses would not leave the shore. Crossed the men back to the Missouri shore, and commenced building a foot-bridge, which was completed the next day at 3 p. m. Immediately commenced crossing the men and horses, swimming the horses beside the bridge. Completed the crossing next day [28th] at 8 a. m., and started for Scatterville. Marched 7 miles, and heard that the enemy were in camp 5 miles west of us the day before; took a guide and started across the ridge; found the camp vacant. The tracks in the road indicated that considerable force had moved toward the bluffs that morning; followed them 3 miles, and met the enemy returning. Captain [Henry] Harnden, with his company (the advance guard), charged upon them, capturing several and putting the rest to flight. Learned from the prisoners that Colonel Preston had moved down toward Pocahontas, 20 miles. Camped that night 7 miles from the bluffs.

Next morning [29th], at 2 o'clock, marched in pursuit; came into his camp at 7 a. m.; learned that he had left for Jonesborough the afternoon previous. Halted one hour and a half for breakfast and feed for horses; then marched 5 miles to Scatterville, and from there to Chalk Bluff, and recrossed the river with some difficulty, the water rising rapidly.

Next day [30th], marched to West Prairie, camped, and from there to this place, April 1, 1863. Captured property, 12 horses and 11 guns; prisoners, 11.

Respectfully submitted.


Major, Commanding Detachment.

Brigadier-General McNEIL.

MARCH 28, 1863.-Guerrilla attack on Steamer Sam. Gaty.

Report of Major General Samuel R. Curtis, U. S. Army.


Saint Louis, Mo., April 3, 1863-8 p. m.

A band of guerrillas took steamer Sam Gaty, and murdered several