War of the Rebellion: Serial 032 Page 0206 MO., ARK., KANS., IND. T., AND DEPT. N. W. Chapter XXXIV.

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my command in order, I detached a company as advance guard, ordering them to reconnoiter to ascertain the position, and, as far as possible, the strength of the enemy. Following my advance, I found, upon approaching the town, that the enemy, 40 strong, had surrendered to my advance without firing a gun. Before approaching the town, however, I ordered the detachment of Colonel Burbridge's regiment, under command of Lieutenant Colonel John M. Wimer, to support Captain Brown's battery, the rest of my command, Lieutenant-Colonel Campbell and Colonel Jeffers, marching under my immediate command. Upon the surrender of the town, we took 35 (militia) prisoners and 2 United States soldiers and some citizens, and destroyed the fortifications, with 200 stand of arms, finding no commissary or quartermaster's stores or trains.

Remaining in Hartville until 8 p. m. of the 9th of January, and receiving no orders from you, as I had anticipated, I concluded to march upon Lebanon by way of Hazlewood, and immediately dispatched a messenger informing you of my plans.

At 8 p. m. of the 9th of January, I moved my command upon the road to Marshfield, some 6 miles, and bivouacked till sunrise on the morning of the 10th of January, when I ordered Lieutenant-Colonel Wimer to proceed with his command to the town of Hazlewood. In obedience to my orders, Colonel Wimer proceeded to Hazlewood, and, finding the place evacuated by the enemy, forthwith burned the block-house, and rejoined my command some two hours after I had met the balance of my command; joined yours about 4 miles from the town of Marshfield.

At 3 p. m. (10th) my command was ordered back 3 miles, upon the road leading to Hartville, to encamp. At 11 p. m., same night, I received orders to proceed with my command to Hartville, at which hour I moved my command in the direction of said town, sending in advance the detachment of Colonel Burbridge's regiment under command of Lieutenant-Colonel Wimer, to take possession of and operate the mill at Hartville, following with the rest of my command, to wit, Lieutenant-Colonel Campbell, Colonel Jeffers, and Captain Brown's two-gun battery.

The advance, under Lieutenant-Colonel Wimer, when within 5 miles of the town of Hartville (at 3 a. m., 11th of January), were fired upon by Federal pickets, upon which Colonel Wimer fell back a short distance, dismounted his command,a nd formed in line of battle, immediately after which a scout of Federal cavalry advanced upon Colonel Wimer's command. Arriving very near, they were fired upon by Colonel Wimer's command, killing 2, and killing and wounding several horses.

Upon receiving information of the enemy in front, I ordered Colonel Wimer to skirmish with the enemy, and fall back gradually upon my command, at the same time ordering Captain Brown's guns in position in the center, with Colonel Campbell on the right and Colonel Jeffers on the left; also dispatching a courier to you. I continued my advance as skirmishers until daylight and your arrival, the enemy during the time shelling to the right and left of my line, slightly wounding one of my men in the leg. Whilst the advance, under Lieutenant-Colonel Wimer, were falling back upon my line, the sharpshooters of Colonel Campbell, by mistake, fired upon and wounded 2 of Lieutenant-Colonel Wimer's command.

At 7 a. m.(11th January), I was ordered to fall back and follows your command, which I did, however, keeping my battery (Captain Brown) in position for a time, when I perceived Federal cavalry advance up the road, when I ordered Captain Brown to open on them; upon which Captain Brown fired two rounds, dispersing them, doing no other dam-