War of the Rebellion: Serial 032 Page 0159 Chapter XXXIV. EXPEDITION INTO MARION COUNTY, ARK.

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DECEMBER 9 - 15, 1862. - Expedition from Ozark, Mo., into Marion County, Ark.


Numbers 1. - Brigadier General Egbert B. Brown, U. S. Army.

Numbers 2. - Captain Milton Burch, Fourteenth Missouri State Militia Cavalry.

Numbers 1. Report of Brigadier General Egbert B. Brown, U. S. Army.

SPRINGFIELD, MO., December 18, 1862.

I have the honor to report a successful scout of Captain Burch, Fourteenth Missouri State Militia, with 40 men of his regiment and company Enrolled Missouri Militia, into Arkansas, burning and destroying the saltpeter works of the Confederate Government, including 5 buildings, 1 engine, 26 large kettles, 6 tanks, blacksmiths' and carpenters' shops and tools; $ 6,000 worth of saltpeter, packed, which was to have been moved in two days; capturing 500 barrels of jerked beef, together with a full supply of other provisions for the winter, and returning, without a casualty, with 42 prisoners, their arms, horses, and equipments. The affair is the more creditable, as a large force of the enemy was encamped within a few miles of the works; but so rapid and secret were the movements of Captain Burch that they were unapprised of them until he had accomplished the duty assigned him, and returned in safety. This is the fourth equally important and successful scout of Captain Burch in the past few months, besides numbers of smaller affairs. These are the same works reported to have been destroyed by Colonel Wickersham about a month since. The destruction was not complete, as they were again in full operation. The works cost the Confederate Government $ 30,000. They are now destroyed. The engine, tanks, and kettles were broken with sledges, and buildings burned. The cave is sufficiently roomy to work 100 men.



Major General SAMUEL R. CURTIS.

Numbers 2. Report of Captain Milton Burch, Fourteenth Missouri State Militia Cavalry.

OZARK, MO., December 18, 1862.

SIR: I have the honor of reporting to you, for the information of the commanding general, the results of a scout, commanded by me, in Marion County, Arkansas.

By permission from Captain [S. A.] Flagg, commanding this post, I took command of 40 men, composed of detachments from Companies D, F, G, and H, Second Battalion Fourteenth Regiment Missouri State Militia Cavalry, and, on the morning of the 9th instant, marched for Lawrence's Mill, a distance of 35 miles. I arrived at the mill early in the night, and remained there till noon of the 10th, waiting for forage. During the time, I held a consultation with the officers of my command and