War of the Rebellion: Serial 032 Page 0158 MO., ARK., KANS., IND. T., AND DEPT. N. W. Chapter XXXIV.

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at your headquarters, and from there I proceeded with the brigade until within some 4 miles of Cane Hill, where I received orders from you to proceed along the road on which we were marching, and learned that you had pushed ahead to attack a body of the enemy. After arriving at the Cane Hill and Fayetteville road, I was ordered into battery by General Marmaduke, and prepared for action. I remained in this position until the arrival of the main body of the army, when I was ordered by General Hindman to limber up and proceed with it. On arriving at Prairie Grove, I was ordered by General Marmaduke to report to General Fagan, as I could not operate with the cavalry. Having done so, I was at once ordered into battery near the foot of the battle hill, near the white house, on the road.

About 3 p. m., when the enemy began to advance, General Shoup ordered me to open ire, which I did. I had been engaged but a short time when General Shoup in person ordered me to cease firing. Captain [W. D.] Blocher's battery ceasing about the same time, several of the enemy's batteries turned upon my position. After remaining thus silently for some time, the enemy having perfect range of my position, I asked General Shoup if I had not better change to a new one, and he ordered me to do so. I moved off on the road leading to the left of the main road, and came back into the main road on the south side of the hill. I was proceeding up the road when met by Colonel Shelby, who said I had better go to the rear, as it was impossible for me to get in a position to do any good. Major [W. E.] Woodruff, [jr.,] (chief of artillery) coming up at the same time, Colonel S. [Shelby] told him the same, and he, Major W. [Woodruff], ordered me to countermarch and go to the rear and remain until further orders.

I proceeded to the field where General Hindman was, and refilled my chests. Directly after, General H. [Hindman] ordered me with one section of my battery to report immediately to General Roane, who was on the extreme left, which I did, and immediately General Roane's line advanced, I on his left, advancing with him until arriving at the open field, when I at once went into battery and opened fire upon the enemy, and I continued firing until all firing ceased at nightfall. I then reported to General Roane for further orders, and was ordered to return to the remainder of my battery, which I did at General Hindman's headquarters, and there I remained until the line of march was taken up about midnight. Below I give the list of casualties of my battery:

Killed. Wounded. Missing.

Non-commissioned 2 ... ...


Privates 1 3 1

Total 3 3 1

Respectfully submitted.


Captain, Commanding Battery.


Commanding Cavalry Brigade.