War of the Rebellion: Serial 032 Page 0100 MO., ARK., KANS., IND. T., AND DEPT. N. W. Chapter XXXIV.

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The Twentieth Iowa Regiment, Colonel [W.

McE. Dye's brigade, General Herron's command, advanced into the wool upon my left, but, after fifteen minutes' firing, was driven back, when I opened upon the enemy, firing shell over the heads of the Twentieth Iowa. In a few minutes our infantry drove the rebels to the edge of the wood, when I again, by your order, opened fire upon them. A heavy musketry fire was then brought to bear upon my command. I answered with canister. For fifteen minutes my men stood firm, firing their pieces with terrible precision making roads in the ranks of the enemy, which were quickly filled by fresh men from the rear. Three times they advanced in heavy force upon the battery, but were driven back to the wood with battery loss. Finding that we were too near the wood, your ordered me to fire, retiring a distance of 100 yards. This order was successfully complied with, notwithstanding several men had been wounded and horses killed and disabled.

In our new position, by your order, I threw several shell into a straw pile, near the edge of the timber, around which large bodies of the enemy swarmed. The straw was soon ignited, and again we opened with canister for about fifteen minutes. My guns were worked rapidly, making sad havoc in the ranks of the enemy, who retreated to the wood. I gave them a few shell as a parting salute, when darkness closed upon us, and we rested upon the field. In about two hours we removed to a batter position, where we rested for the night.

During the heat of the engagement the five companies of the Eleventh Kansas, commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel Moonlight, stood manfully at their posts, and, when it appeared that the enemy were about to charge upon me, rushed forward and assisted in driving the enemy back.

I need hardly report to you that every officer, non-commissioned officer, and private of my command behaved manfully during the whole engagement. Lieutenants [H.] Espey and [W. W.] Haines and Sergeant [J. S.] Whicher, commanding sections, rendered me great assistance in the management of the battery. Sergeant [G. B] Sink, when 2 of his men were wounded, and 7 slightly wounded. The carriages of the battery bear battery marks of the storm of bullets and buckshot poured upon us.*

I am, most respectfully, your obedient servant, &c.,


Captain, Commanding Second Battery, Indiana Volunteers.


Commanding Third Brigade, Army of the Frontier.

Numbers 14. Reports of Brigadier General Francis J. Herron, U. S. Army, commanding Second and Third Divisions.


Battle-field, Prairie Grover, December 9, 1862.

[SIR: ] General Blunt has undoubtedly informed you of the battle of yesterday. Hindman moved in to the east of Blunt, with his entire


* Nominal list of casualties shows 8 men wounded.