War of the Rebellion: Serial 032 Page 0080 MO., ARK., KANS., IND. T., AND DEPT. N. W. Chapter XXXIV.

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cate, may I be permitted to ask why you did not remain there? And will you be so kind as to grant the privilege of saying there to that portion of my command now encamped on the battle-field?

[Inclosure Numbers 3.] HEADQUARTERS First CORPS, TRANS-MISSISSIPPI ARMY, December 10, 1862.

Brigadier General JAMES G. Blunt,

Commanding U. S. Forces in the Field:

GENERAL: I send you herewith, under flag of truce, by Captain Rathbun, C. S. Army, a copy of the report of Captain Garrett, of my command, who was left be my on the 8th instant in charge of the burying party on the battle-field of Prairie Grove. The conduct of men of your command, as described in this report, is atrocious. I will not insult you by asking its disavowal, but I demand that you take such measures as will allow the performance of the rites of burial toward my dead upon the field they won, according to your own admission, and from which my troops were only withdrawn by reason of their utter lack of subsistence. A burial party goes back with this flag to execute the orders previously given on that subject.

I inclose to you, also, the report of Brigadier-General Marmaduke, C. S. Army, and report of Colonel Shelby, C. S. Army, commanding brigade, for your further information upon the subject of arms taken by men of your command, referred to in my former letter of yesterday, sent under flag of truce by the hands of Colonel O'Kane. As I remarked to you during our conference on the 8th instant, I desire and intend in all things to conform to all the usages of civilized war. It is necessary that I may be enabled fully to carry out that desired intention. I inclose you a list of the prisoners paroled by me on the field during the engagement. I ask that an equal number of my men, if any, captured by your forces be returned to me by Captain Rathbun.

Very respectfully, &c.,


Major-General, Commanding.

[Inclosure Numbers 4.] HEADQUARTERS ARMY OF THE FRONTIER, Rhea's Mills, Ark., December 11, 1862.

Major General T. C. HINDMAN,

Commanding Confederate Forces:

GENERAL: I am just in receipt of your communication of December 10, under flag of truce, with Captain Rathbun, C. S. Army. An equivalent, under the cartel, will be sent to your lines without delay, for those you released on parole, as per statement of General Frost. In answer to your second reference to the matter of General Herron's men removing arms from the battle-field of Prairie Grove, I refer you to my letter of yesterday, in reply to yours of the 9th instant. Your remarks about the "battle-field won by your men, as admitted by me," is considered here as a very good joke.

I send back with the flag of truce the men you sent to complete burying your dead. I have had this matter properly attended to, and directed General Herron to detail a party to go over the ground again