War of the Rebellion: Serial 031 Page 1074 OPERATIONS IN N.VA.,W.VA.,MD., AND PA. Chapter XXXIII.

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Fifth Brigade.

Brigadier General J. J. ARCHER.

5th Alabama Battalion, Major A. S. Van de Graaff.

19th Georgia, Colonel W. W. Boyd.

1st Tennessee, Provisional Army, Colonel P. Turney.

7th Tennessee, Colonel John F. Goodner.

14th Tennessee, Colonel William McComb.

Sixth Brigade.

Brigadier General W. D. PENDER.

13th North Carolina, Colonel A. M. Scales.

16th North Carolina, Colonel J. S. McElroy.

22nd North Carolina, Colonel James Conner.

34th North Carolina, Colonel W. L. J. Lowrance.

38th North Carolina, Colonel W. J. Hoke.


Lieutenant Colonel R. L. WALKER.

Branch Artillery, Captain A. C. Latham.

Crenshaw Battery, Captain William G. Crenshaw.

Fredericksburg Artillery, Captain Carter M. Braxton.

Johnson Battery, Captain Marmanduke Johnson.

Letcher Battery, Captain Greenlee Davidson.

Pee Dee Artillery, Captain D. G. McIntosh.

Purcell Battery, Captain William J. Pegram.


Lieutenant General THOMAS J. JACKSON.

First Brigade.

Brigadier General E. F. PAXTON.

2nd Virginia,* Captain J. Q. A. Nadenbousch.

4th Virginia, Colonel Charles A. Ronald.

5th Virginia, Lieutenant Colonel J. H. S. Funk.

27th Virginia, Colonel James K. Edmondson.

33rd Virginia, Lieutenant Colonel E. G. Lee.

Second Brigade.

Brigadier General J. R. JONES.

21st Virginia,* Captain W. R. Berkeley.

42nd Virginia,* Captain B. W. Leigh.*

48th Virginia, Colonel T. S. Garnett.

1st Virginia Battalion,* Provisional Army, Confederate States, Captain D. B. Bridgford.

Third Brigade.

Brigadier General WILLIAM B. TALIAFERRO.

47th Alabama, Colonel J. W. Jackson.

48th Alabama, Colonel J. L. Sheffield.

10th Virginia, Colonel E. T. H. Warren.

23rd Virginia, Colonel A. G. Taliaferro.

37th Virginia, Colonel T. V. Williams.

Fourth Brigade.

1st Louisiana Volunteers, Colonel W. R. Shivers.

2nd Louisiana, Colonel J. M. Williams.

10th Louisiana, Colonel M.de Marigny.

14th Louisiana, Colonel Zebulon York.

15th Louisiana, Colonel Edmund Pendleton.


Carpenter's battery, Captain Joseph Carpenter.

Danville Artillery, Captain G. W. Wooding.

Hampden Artillery, Captain W. H. Caskie.

Lee Artillery, Captain C. I. Raine.

Lusk Battery, Captain J. A. M. Lusk.



Brooke's (Virginia) Battery, Captain J. V. Brooke.

Powhatan (Virginia) Artillery, Captain W. J. Dance.

Richmond Howitzers, 2nd Company, Captain D. Watson.

Richmond Howitzers, 3rd Company, Captain B. H. Smith,jr.

Rockbridge (Virginia) Artillery, Captain W. T. Poauge.

Salem (Virginia) Artillery, Captain A. Hupp.


*No field officer.

+On rolls and registers as captain First Virginia Battalion.