War of the Rebellion: Serial 031 Page 1073 Chapter XXXIII. CORRESPONDENCE,ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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Major General D. H. HILL.

First Brigade.

Brigadier General R. E. RODES.

3rd Alabama, Colonel Cullen A. Battle.

5th Alabama, Lieutenant Colonel Edwin L. Hobson.

6th Alabama, Colonel John B. Gordon.

12th Alabama, Lieutenant Colonel Samuel B. Pickens.

26th Alabama, Lieutenant Colonel Edward A. O'Neal.

Second Brigade.

Brigadier General GEORGE DOLES.

4th Georgia, Colonel Philip Cook.

44th Georgia, Colonel John B. Estes.

1st North Carolina, Colonel John A. McDowell.

3rd North Carolina, Colonel William L. De Rosset.

Third Brigade.

Brigadier General A. H. COLOUITT.

13th Alabama, Colonel B. D. Fry.

6th Georgia, Colonel John T. Lofton.

23rd Georgia, Colonel E. F. Best.

27th Georgia, Colonel C. T. Zachry.

28t Georgia, Major Tully Graybill.

Fourth Brigade.

Brigadier General A. IVERSON.

5th North Carolina, Lieutenant Colonel P. J. Sinclair.

12th North Carolina, Colonel Benjamin O. Wade.

20th North Carolina, Lieutenant Colonel William H. Toon.

23rd North Carolina, Colonel Daniel H. Christie.

Fifth Brigade.

Brigadier General S. D. RAMSEUF.

2nd North Carolina, Colonel W. P. Bynum.

4th North Carolina, Colonel Bryan Grimes.

14th North Carolina, Colonel R. T. Bennett.

30th North Carolina, Colonel F. M. Parker.


Major H. P. JONES.

Hardaway's battery, Captain R. A. Hardaway.

Jeff. Davis (Alabama) Artillery, Captain J. W. Bondurant.

King William (Virginia) Artillery, Captain T. H. Carter.

Morris (Virginia) Artillery, Captain R. C. M. Page.

Orange (Virginia) Artillery, Captain C. W. Fry.


Major General A. P. HILL.

First Brigade.

Brigadier General C. W. FIELD.

40th Virginia, Colonel J. M. Brockenborough.

47th Virginia, Colonel R. M. Mayo.

55th Virginia, Colonel F. Mallory.

2nd [22] Virginia Battalion,, Major E. P. Tayloe.

Second Brigade.

Brigadier General MAXCY GREGG.

1st South Carolina, Provisional Army, Colonel D. H. Hamilton.

12th South Carolina, Lieutenant Colonel Cadwalader Jones.

13th South Carolina, Lieutenant Colonel O. E. Edwards.

14th South Carolina, Lieutenant Colonel Samuel McGowan.

Orr's Rifles, Lieutenant Colonel J. M. Perrin.

Third Brigade.

Brigadier General E. L. THOMAS.

14th Georgia, Colonel R. W. Folsom.

35th Georgia, Colonel B. H. Holt.

45th Georgia, Colonel T. J. Simmons.

49th Georgia, Colonel A. J. Lane.

Fourth Brigade.

Brigadier General J. H. LANE.

7th North Carolina, Colonel E. G. Haywood.

18th North Carolina, Lieutenant Colonel T. J. Purdie.

28th North Carolina, Lieutenant Colonel S. D. Lowe.

33rd North Carolina, Colonel C. M. Avery.

37th North Carolina, Colonel W. M. Barbour.