War of the Rebellion: Serial 031 Page 1072 OPERATIONS IN N.VA.,W.VA,MD., AND PA. Chapter XXXIII.

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Branch's battery, Captain J. R. Branch.

Cooper's battery, Captain R. L. Cooper.


Alexander's battalion, Lieutenant Colonel E. Porter Alexander.

Washington Artillery, Colonel J. B. Walton.


In the foregoing list, where a junior officer is apparently in command of a regiment, it is become vacancies exist in those commands which have not yet been filled.



Assistant Adjutant-General.


List of regimental and battery commanders, by brigades and divisions, of the Second Army Corps, Lieutenant General Thomas J. Jackson commanding, December 20, 1862.


Major General RICHARD S. EWELL.

First Brigade.

Brigadier General a. R. LAWTON.

13th Georgia, Colonel J. M. Smith.

26th Georgia, Colonel E. N. Atkinson.

31st Georgia, Colonel C. A. Evans.

38th Georgia, [Lieutenant] Colonel L. J. Parr.+

60th Georgia, Colonel W. H. Stiles.

61st Georgia, Colonel J. H. Lamar.

Second Brigade.

Brigadier General JUBAL A. EARLY.

13th Virginia, Colonel J. A. Walker.

25th Virginia, Colonel George H. Smith.

31st Virginia, Colonel John S. Hoffman.

44th Virginia, Colonel William C. Scott.

49th Virginia, Colonel William Smith.

52nd Virginia, Colonel M. G. Harman.

58th Virginia, Colonel F. M. Board.

Third Brigade.

Brigadier General I. R. TRIMBLE.

15th Alabama, Colonel James Cantey.

12th Georgia, Colonel Z. T. Conner.

21st Georgia, Colonel J. T. Mercer.

21st North Carolina, R. F. Hoke.

Fourth Brigade.

Brigadier General HARBY T. HAYS.

5th Louisiana, Colonel Henry Forno.

6th Louisiana, Colonel W. Monaghan.

7th Louisiana, Colonel D. B. Penn.

8th Louisiana, Colonel H. B. Kelly.

9th Louisiana, Colonel L. A. Stafford.


Charlottesville (Virginia) Artillery, Captain James McD. Carrington.

Chesapeake (Maryland) Artillery, Captain W. D. Brown.

Courtney (Virginia) Artillery, Captain J. W. Latimer.

Dement's (First Maryland) battery, Captain William F. Dement.

Louisiana Guard Artillery, Captain L. E. D'Aquin.

Staunton (Virginia) Artillery, Captain W. L. Balthis.


*This roster is indorsed as of December 10, 1862.

+J. D. Mathews was appointed colonel December 13, 1862.