War of the Rebellion: Serial 031 Page 1070 OPERATIONS IN N.VA.,W.VA.,MD., AND PA. Chapter XXXIII.

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List of the regiments, brigades, divisions, and batteries composing the First Corps, Army of Northern Virginia, Lieutenant General James Longstreet commanding.


Wilcos'x Brigade.

8th Alabama, Colonel Y. L. Royston.

9th Alabama, Colonel Samuel Henry.

10th Alabama, Colonel W. H. Forney.

11th Alabama, Colonel J. C. C. Sanders.

14th Alabama, Lieutenant Colonel L. Pinckard.

Mahone's Brigade.

6th Virginia, Colonel G. T. Rogers.

12th Virginia, Colonel D. A. Weisiger.

16th Virginia, Lieutenant Colonel J. H. Ham.

41st Virginia, Colonel W. A. Parham.

61st Virginia, Colonel V. D. Groner.

Featherston's Brigade.

12th Mississippi, Colonel William H. Taylor.

16th Mississippi, Colonel Carnot Posey.

19th Mississippi, Major John Mullins.

2nd Mississippi Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel T. B. Manlove.

Wright's Brigade.

3rd Georgia, Colonel Edward J. Walker.

22nd Georgia, Colonel R. H. Jones.

48th Georgia, Colonel William Gibson.

2nd Georgia Battalion, Major G. W. Ross.

Perry's Brigade.

2nd Florida, Lieutenant Colonel L. G. Pyles.

5th Florida, Colonel J. C. Hately.

8th Florida, Lieutenant Colonel T. B. Lamar.


Donaldsonville Artillery, Captain V. Maurn.

Grandy's battery, Captain C. R. Grandy.

Huger's battery, Captain Frank Huger.

Lewis' battery, Captain John W. Lewis.


Kerhaw's Brigade.

2nd South Carolina, Colonel John D. Kennedy.

3rd South Carolina, Colonel James D. Nance.

7th South Carolina, Colonel D. Wyatt Aiken.

8th South Carolina, Colonel John W. Henagan.

15th South Carolina, Colonel W. D. De Saussure.

3rd South Carolina (James') Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel W. G. Rice.

Semmes' Brigade.

10th Georgia, Lieutenant Colonel J. B. Weems.

50th Georgia, Colonel W. R. Manning.

51st Georgia, Colonel William M. Salugther.

53rd Georgia, Colonel James P. Simms.

Cobb's Brigade.

16th Georgia, Colonel Goode Bryan.

18th Georgia, Colonel W. T. Wofford.

24th Georgia, Colonel Robert McMilan.

Cobb Legion, Lieutenant Colonel L. J. Glenn.

Phillips' Legion, Colonel W. Phillips.

Barksdale's Brigade.

13th Mississippi, Colonel J. W. Carter.

17th Mississippi, Colonel W. D. Holder.

18th Mississippi, Colonel T. M. Griffin.

21st Mississippi, Colonel B. G. Humphreys.


Manly's battery, Captain B. C. Manly.

Reade's battery, Captain J. P. W. Read.

Richmond Howitzers, Captain E. S. McCarthy.

Troup Artillery, Captain H. H. Carlton.