War of the Rebellion: Serial 031 Page 0648 OPERATIONS IN N.VA.,W.VA.,MD.,AND PA. Chapter XXXIII.

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General Pender, though wounded, resumed the command of his brigade as soon as his wound was dressed.

Among the field officers wounded are Colonels [Peter] Turney, [W. M.] Barbour, [Thomas J.] Purdie; Lieutenant-Colonel [N. J.] George, First Tennessee; Majors [A. S.] Van de Graaff, [Joseph J.] Norton, [Herbert D.] Lee, [James H.] Neal, and [F. G.] Buchanan. The three field officers and senior captain [Turney] of the First Tennessee were struck down.

General Pender mentions especially First Lieutenant S. S. Kirkland, and Mr. John Young, volunteer aide-de-camp. General Archer was efficiently served by Lieutenants [George] Lemmon and [O. H.] Thomas. General Lane speaks of the good conduct of Captain [F. T.] Hawks and Lieutenant [Oscar] Lane, aide-de-camp; and General Thomas, that where all did so well he cannot say more.

Captain Alexander C. Haskell, assistant adjutant-general to the lamented Gregg, was severely wounded, but refused to leave the field until, fainting from exhaustion and loss of blood, he was carried off. Captain [T. P.] Alston, of First South Carolina Volunteers, also deserves special mention. He having been severely wounded, after being dressed at the hospital, returned to the field in spite of the remonstrance of the surgeon. Lieutenant-Colonel Walker, assisted by Lieutenant [John H.] Chamberlayne, directed the fire from his guns with admirable coolness and precision. Pegram, as usual, with McIntosh to help him, managed to find the hottest place, though perhaps Davidson might have been willing to exchange positions with them.

I had forgotten to mention that at 3.30 o'clock my batteries on the right except one section of Pegram's, were relieved by the corps of Colonel Brown. The chief surgeon of the division [Dr.[J. W.] Powell], by his system and order and untiring personal attention, secured more comfort to the wounded than has been usual. By 10 o'clock the next day his hospital had been cleared of all those who could be moved, and, with their wounds dressed, they were on their way to Richmond. He acknowledges valuable assistance from the Richmond committee.

The members of my staff-Major [R. C.] Morgan, assistant adjutant-general; Captain [R. J.] Wingate, assistant adjutant and inspector-general; Captain [F. T.] Hill, aide-de-camp; Major [William H.] Palmer, First Virginia Regiment; Captain [R. H. T.] Adams, signal officer, and Captain Gordon, volunteer aide-de-camp [whose horse was killed]-were active and zealous in the discharge of their duties. Captain [C. R.] Howard, my engineer officer, was particularly efficient in strengthening my lines. Captain [Robert C.] Stanard, ordnance officer, made efficient arrangements for the supply of ammunition. Captain Braxton, thought sick, appeared in the field and fought with his guns. Sergeant Tucker, chief of couriers, was, as usual, always by my side, active and fearless.

The loss in the Light Division is:*

Killed Wounded Missing Total

Officers 16 119 11 146

Enlisted men 215 1,355 436 1,976

Total 231 1,474 417 2,122


*See also Report No. 265, p.560.