War of the Rebellion: Serial 031 Page 0621 Chapter XXXIII. BATTLE OF FREDERICKSBURG, VA.

by the shots of the guns and bullets of the sharpshooters, which were flying thick and fast around them, they behaved with the calm courage which deserves the highest praise. The piece was loaded and fired with such precision that not one shot was lost, but every one telling with frightful effect. It was loaded for the fourth time, and was ready to fire, when it was disabled by a shell, which broke a wheel, and at the same time wounded 3 men-Corpl. Thomas Morel, whose skill as a gunner cannot be too highly prized, Cannoneer Dernon Leblanc, whose foot has since been amputated, and F. Perez, severely wounded in three different places. But the object was accomplished; some fled, some were killed, and the remainder dared not leave their cover. At night the broken wheel was replaced, and the piece relieved. Of the first piece, Cannoneers Adolph Grilke and F. Babin were wounded, the former severely and the latter slightly. Three horses were killed and 2 wounded.

Nothing worth mentioning was done on Sunday. At night I was relieved by Captain [T. C.] Jordan, after having been in position since Sunday night, the 1st instant. My third section of 6-pounder guns was not engaged, but on Sunday night, the 14th instant, it was ordered in front, where it is at present occupying works on the left.

Before closing this report, I can but render praise to Lieutenants Landry and Mollere for their gallant conduct, and to my cannoneers and drivers.

Casualties-1 killed and 5 wounded; 3 horses killed and 2 wounded.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Captain, Commanding Company Donaldsonville Artillery.

General [E. A.] PERRY.

No. 299. Report of Major General John B. Hood, C. S. Army, commanding Hodd's division.

DIVISION HEADQUARTERS, Near Fredericksburg, Va.,- -, 1862.

SIR: I have the honor to submit the following report of the participation of my command, composed of the Texas brigade, Brigadier General J. B. Robertson commanding; Law's brigade, Brigadier General E. M. Law commanding; Anderson's brigade, Brigadier General G. T. Anderson commanding; Toombs' brigade, Colonel H. L. Benning commanding, and Reilly's, Bachman's, and Garden's batteries, in the battle of Fredericksburg, December 13, 1862, and other operations in connection therewith:

In obedience to instruction from the lieutenant-general commanding, on hearing the signal guns about 2 o'clock on the morning of December 11, I immediately formed my command and moved into position along the crest of hills stretching from Dr. Reynolds' house to near the railroad crossing, and occupied the Bowling Green road with a heavy line of skirmishers. Soon afterward I pushed forward about 100 riflemen to harass the enemy in his efforts to throw a bridge across the Rappahannock River at the mouth of Deep Run. This party was unable, however, to effect the desired object, in consequence of the ground not affording protection to the men within rifle range of the river. My scouts having reported near dark that the enemy had completed a bridge across the river immediately below the mouth of Deep Run and in my front, I increased my force in the Bowling Green road and threw a line of skirmishers to the front, with orders to the commanding officer to hold the road. The enemy commenced crossing infantry and artillery at dark,