War of the Rebellion: Serial 031 Page 0538 OPERATIONS IN N. VA.,W. VA.,MD.,AND PA. Chapter XXXIII.

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the retreat of our army to the north bank of the river, our brigade being the last to recross, as it had been the first to cross.

The behavior of officers and men of the regiment in this, the first time they ever were under fire, was all that I could wish, and was all that could be expected from even Massachusetts men.

Official copy.


Colonel and Assistant Adjutant-General, State of Massachusetts.

Numbers 263. Organization of the Army of Northern Virginia.*


Lieutenant General JAMES LONGSTREET.



Kershaw's Brigade.

Brigadier General JOSEPH B. KERSHAW.

2nd South Carolina, Colonel John D. Kennedy.

3rd South Carolina:

Colonel James D. Nance.

Lieutenant Colonel William D. Rutherford.

Major Robert C. Maffett.

Captain William W. Hance.

Captain John C. Summer.

Captain John K. G. Nance.

7th South Carolina, Lieutenant Colonel Elbert Bland.

8th South Carolina, Captain E. T. Stackhouse.

15th South Carolina,+ Colonel W. D. DeSaussure.

3rd South Carolina Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel W. G. Rice.

Barksdale's Brigade.

Brigadier General WILLIAM BARKSDALE.

13th Mississippi, Colonel J. W. Carter.

17th Mississippi, Colonel John C. Fiser.

18th Mississippi, Lieutenant Colonel W. H. Luse.

21st Mississippi, Colonel Benjamin G. Humphreys.

Cobb's Brigade.

(1.) Brig, General T. R. R. COBB.

(2.) Colonel ROBERT McMILLAN.

16th Georgia, Colonel Goode Bryan.

18th Georgia,++ Lieutenant Colonel S. Z. Ruff.

24th Georgia, Colonel Robert McMillan.

Cobb Legion.

Phillips' Legion,+ Colonel B. F. Cook.

Semmes' Brigade.

Brigadier General PAUL J. SEMMES.

10th Georgia.

50th Georgia.+

51st Georgia.+

53rd Georgia.


Colonel H. C. CABELL.#

Manly's (North Carolina) battery.

Read's (Georgia) battery.

Richmond Howitzers (1st), McCarthy's battery.

Troup (Georgia) Artillery (Carlton's battery).


*Based upon General Lee's roster for July 23, 1862, subsequent assignments, and the reports. The actual commanders are indicated as far as practicable.

+Transferred from Drayton's brigade, November 26, 1862.

++Transferred from Robertson's brigade, November 26, 1862.

#Cabell also commanded Nelson's battalion, and Branch's, Cooper's, Dearing's, Ells', Eubank's, Lane's, Macon's, and Ross' batteries.