War of the Rebellion: Serial 031 Page 0346 OPERATIONS IN N. VA., W. VA. MD. AND PA. Chapter XXXIII.

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corps from their work, with considerable loss. Four attempts were made during the day to resume the work without success. The workmen would leave as soon as the enemy opened fire, although I returned the fire from my regiment in connection with the batteries in our rear, each time silencing their fire. At the last fire, about 11 a.m., Captain McDonald was wounded and taken to the rear, which caused delay, as a new detail had to be made.

At 3.15 p.m. I received an order from General Burnside, directing me to detail from my regiment 4 officers and 100 men, to be sent over in pontoon boats to the south shore, to take possession, of the houses on either side of the landing, and hold them until the bridge was completed.

I immediately detailed four detachments,of 25 men each, under command of Capts. J. Hazley, S. L. Judd, F. Burt, and Lieutenant W. M. Lewis, each detachment occupying a boat, with instructions to each to land, charge, and take given point, which order was promptly obeyed and most gallantly executed, covered by the fire of the right wing and batteries. Each detachment took possession of the places designated, capturing in their charge 65 prisoners, including 4 commissioned officers, and holding these positions until the bridge was completed. In the mean time I launched another boat and sent over the balance of the regiment before the bridge was completed, occupying the city opposite the bridge shortly after 4 o'clock of that day. After establishing pickets in the streets, the regiment bivouacked for the night. Great praise is due to both officers and men for their coolness and bravery displayed during the day. In this action our loss was 1 killed and 9 wounded.

The regiment remained in this position until Saturday morning, December 13, when we were ordered by you to form line of battle on the left of the brigade along the river bank, in rear of the gas-works. We remained in line until about 5 p.m..,when orders were received to march to the front.

We formed line of battle in rear of the railroad, when another advance was ordered, and to charge a stone wall in front held by the enemy. Owing to the nature of the ground,this regiment was compelled to advance in rear of the Thirteenth New Hampshire Volunteers. We advanced in good order, amidst great confusion of the regiment in front, until we crossed the second embankment, when the enemy and some of our own troops opened fire, causing an immediate panic and stampeded, my right wing being broken and our men trampled down by our own troops.

We retired to the second embankment, crossed and formed in line of battle, sent skirmishers to the left, and remained until orders were received to return to the railroad and form line, which was executed in good order.

I immediately sent a detachment of 1 sergeant and 20 men to look after and bring in our wounded, but they did not succeed,as the enemy had advanced their pickets, who fired on the detachment and forced them to return.

In this action we had 1 killed and 19 wounded.

I inclose herewith a list* of killed, wounded, and missing in both actions,and remain, general, yours, respectfully,



Colonel R. C. HAWKINS,

Commanding First Brigade.


*Embodied in revised statement, p. 133.