War of the Rebellion: Serial 031 Page 0163 Chapter XXXIII. BATTLE OF FREDERICKSBURG, VA.

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in the hottest fire, and behaved at all times as became an officer and a soldier.

The men-privates-in my set have performed their duty well.

I remain, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Lieutenant Twenty-ninth Regiment N. Y. Vols. and Sen. Sig. Officer, Set L.

Captain B. F. FISHER,

Commanding Signal Reserve Party.

Numbers 12. Report of Captain James S. Hall, Firty-third Pennsylvania infantry, Acting Signal Officer.


December 18, 1862.

SIR: I respectfully submit the following special report on the duty performed by my command during the engagement before Fredericksburg:

The 10th instant I received orders from you to have my command in readiness for active duty. I at once gave them the required orders. Six o'clock p.m. of the same day I was ordered to report at headquarters in person, when I received instructions designating the position of my officers for the next day. Accordingly, I sent Set I to the corn-field, to report to Colonel Tyler, commanding siege guns; Set J were ordered to open communication from Falmouth. This they did not do, because General Couch had requested they should remain with him and cross the river with his advance. This fact being made known to you, Lieutenants Gloskosky and Owen were ordered to Falmouth, and Lieutenant Yates was assigned to my command for temporary duty. He established communication with Set L. It was found difficult to signal to Falmouth, and the station was discontinued. Lieutenants Brooks and Stone had, in the mean time, crossed the river and endeavored to open communication with Set B at the Lacy house, but failed. This was on the 11th. Next morning Brooks entered the court-house steeple and opened with this station. Set B had opened communication from the Lacy house with this station. Set L, from a point in the lower part of the town, established communication with this station. Set I had also opened communication with this station. Set G opened communication with us from near the middle pontoon bridge. Thus we had five stations communicating with us. Lieutenants Norton and Stryker were ordered to assist us at this point, which was done. After the discontinuing of the Falmouth station, Lieutenant Yates was ordered to relieve Lieutenants Brooks and Stone in the steeple. Afterward Lieutenant Fuller was ordered to the same duty. Set J continued making observations of the enemy's position and reporting to General Couch, who remained on the station the greater part of the day. Set G, Lieutenants Adams and Jerome, were ordered, at 6 p.m. the 12th, to relieve Set I. From some unexplained cause, they failed to relieve said set till 10.30 o'clock next day. At once Set I reported to camp, when they were ordered to report to General Willcox, which they obeyed. For the duty performed by them whilst there, see report of Set I, Set F was constantly engaged, assisted by Lieutenants Norton, Stryker, and Clarke,