War of the Rebellion: Serial 031 Page 0060 OPERATIONS IN N.VA.,W.VA.,MD.,AND PA. Chapter XXXIII.

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Brigadier General ALBION P. HOWE.

First Brigade.

Brigadier General CALVIN E. PRATT.

6th Maine, Colonel Hiram Burnham.

43rd New York, Colonel Benjamin F. Baker.

49th Pennsylvania, Colonel William H. Irwin.

119th Pennsylvania, Colonel Peter C. Ellmaker.

5th Wisconsin, Colonel Amasa Cobb.

Second Brigade.


26th New Jersey, Colonel Andrew J. Morrison.

2nd Vermont, Lieutenant Colonel Charles H. Joyce.

3rd Vermont, Colonel Breed N. Hyde.

4th Vermont, Colonel Charles B. Stoughton.

5th Vermont, Colonel Lewis A. Grant.

6th Vermont, Colonel Nathan Lord,jr.

Third Brigade.

[1.] Brigadier General FRANCIS L. VINTON.*

[2.] Colonel ROBERT F. TAYLOR.

[3.] Brigadier General THOMAS H. NEILL.

21st New Jersey, Colonel Gilliam Van Houten.

20th New York, Colonel Ernst von Vegesack.

33rd New York, Colonel Robert F. Taylor.

49th New York, Colonel Daniel D. Bidwell.

77th New York, Lieutenant Colonel Winsor B. French.


Maryland Light, Battery B, Captain Alonzo Snow.

New York Light,1st Battery, Captain Andrew Cowan.

New York Light,3rd Battery, Lieutenant William A. Harn.

5th United States, Battery F, Lieutenant Leonard Martin.


Brigadier General JOHN NEWTON.

First Brigade.

Brigadier General JOHN COCHRANE.

65th New York, Colonel Alexander Shaler.

67th New York, Colonel Nelson Cross.

122nd New York, Colonel Silas Titus.

23rd Pennsylvania, Major John F. Glenn.

61st Pennsylvania, Colonel George C. Spear.

82nd Pennsylvania, Colonel David H. Williams.

Second Brigade.

Brigadier General CHARLES DEVENS, Jr.

7th Massachusetts, Lieutenant Colonel Franklin

P. Harlow.

10th Massachusetts, Colonel Henry L. Eustis.

37th Massachusetts, Colonel Oliver Edwards.

36th New York, Colonel William H. Browne.

2nd Rhodo Island:

Colonel Frank Wheaton.

Lieutenant Colonel Nelson Viall.

Third Brigade.

[1.] Colonel THOMAS A. ROWLEY.

[2.] Brigadier General FRANK WHEATON.

62nd New York, Major Wilson Hubbell.

93rd Pennsylvania, Major John M. Mark.

98th Pennsylvania, Lieutenant Colonel Adolph Mehler.

102nd Pennsylvania, Lieutenant Colonel Joseph M. Kinkead.

139 Pennsylvania, Lieutenant Colonel James D. Owens.


1st Pennsylvania Light, Battery C, Captain Jeremiah McCarthy.

1st Pennsylvania Light, Battery D, Captain Michael Hall.

2nd United States, Battery G, Lieutenant John H. Butler.