War of the Rebellion: Serial 031 Page 0059 Chapter XXXIII. BATTLE OF FREDERICKSBURG,VA.

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Third Brigade.

[1.] Brigadier General C. FEGER JACKSON.*

[2.] Colonel JOSEPH W. FISHER.

[3.] Lieutenant Colonel ROBERT ANDERSON.

5th Pennsylvania Reserves:

Colonel Joseph W. Fisher.

Lieutenant Colonel George Dare.

9th Pennsylvania Reserves:

Lieutenant Colonel Robert Anderson.

Major James McK. Snodgrass.

10th Pennsylvania Reserves, Major James B. Knox.

11th Pennsylvania Reserves, Lieutenant Colonel Samuel M. Jackson.

12th Pennsylvania Reserves, Captain Richard Gustin.


1st Pennsylvania Light, Battery A, Lieutenant John G. Simpson.

1st Pennsylvania Light, Battery B, Captain James H. Cooper.

1st Pennsylvania Light, Battery G, Captain Frank P. Amsden.

5th United States, Battery C, Captain Dunbar R. Ransom.


Major General WILLIAM F. SMITH.


10th New York Cavalry, Company L, Lieutenant George Vanderbilt.

6th Pennsylvania Cavalry, Company I, Captain James Starr.

6th Pennsylvania Cavalry, Company K, Captain Frederick C. Newhall.


Brigadier General WILLIAM T. H. BROOKS.

First Brigade.


1st New Jersey, Lieutenant Colonel Mark W. Collet.

2nd New Jersey, Colonel Samuel L. Buck.

3rd New Jersey, Colonel Henry W. Brown.

4th New Jersey:

Colonel William B. Hatch.

Lieutenant Colonel James N. Duffy.

15th New Jersey, Lieutenant Colonel Edward L.


23rd New Jersey, Colonel Henry O. Ryerson.

Second Brigade.

Colonel HENRY L. CAKE.

5th Maine, Colonel Edward A. Scammon.

16th New York, Colonel Joel J. Seaver.

27th New York, Colonel Alex D. Adams.

121st New York, Colonel Emory Upton.

96th Pennsylvania, Lieutenant Colonel Peter A.

Filbert [?].

Third Brigade.

Brigadier General DAVID A. RUSSELL.

18th New York, Colonel George R. Myers.

31st New York, Lieutenant Colonel Leopold C. Newman.

32nd New York, Colonel Francis E. Pinto.

95th Pennsylvania, Lieutenant Colonel Elisha Hall.


Maryland Light, Battery A, Captain John W. Wolcott.

Massachusetts Light,1st Battery [A.], Captain William

H. McCartney.

New Jersey Light,1st Battery, Captain William Hexamer.

2nd United States, Battery D, Lieutenant Edward B. Williston.



+Captain Romeyn B. Ayres,chief of the corps artillery.