War of the Rebellion: Serial 031 Page 0045 Chapter XXXIII. BATTLE OF FREDERICKSBURG,VA.

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No. 265.-Surg. Lafayette Guild, C. S. Army, Medical Director,with lists

of killed and wounded.

No. 266.-Brigadier General William N. Pendleton, C. S. Army, Chief of Artillery,

Army of Northern Virginia.

No. 267.-Lieutenant Colonel Briscoe G. Baldwin, Chief of Ordnance.

No. 268.-Lieutenant General James Longstreet, C. S. Army,commanding First Army


No. 269.-Colonel J. B. Walton,commanding battalion Washington Artillery,

of Louisiana.

No. 270.-Lieutenant Colonel E. P. Alexander,commanding battalion Reserve


No. 271.-Major General Lafayette McLaws, C. S. Army,commanding McLaws'


No. 272.-Colonel Henry Coalter Cabell, Chief of Artillery.

No. 273.-Captain E. Taliaferro, Ordnance Officer, McLaws' division.

No. 274.-Brigadier General Joseph B. Kershaw, C. S. Army,commanding Kershaw's


No. 275.-Colonel John D. Kennedy, Second South Carolina Infantry.

No. 276.-Colonel James D. Nance, Third South Carolina Infantry.

No. 277.-Captain John K. G. Nance, Third South Carolina Infantry.

No. 278.-Lieutenant Colonel Elbert Bland, Seventh South Carolina Infantry.

No. 279.-Captain E. T. Stackhouse, Eighth South Carolina Infantry.

No. 280.-Colonel W. D. De Saussure, Fifteenth South Carolina Infantry.

No. 281.-Lieutenant Colonel W. G. Rice, Third Battalion South Carolina Infantry.

No. 282.-Colonel J. W. Carter, Thirteenth Mississippi Infantry, Barksdale's


No. 283.-Lieutenant Colonel John C. Fiser, Seventeenth Mississippi Infantry.

No. 284.-Captain A. R. Govan, Seventeenth Mississippi Infantry.

No. 285.-Lieutenant Colonel William H. Luse, Eighteenth Mississippi Infantry.

No. 286.-Colonel Benjamin G. Humphreys, Twenty-first Mississippi Infantry.

No. 287.-Major D. N. Moody, Right Wing, Twenty-first Mississippi Infantry.

No. 288.-Brigadier General Paul J. Semmes, C. S. Army,commanding Semmes' brigade.

No. 289.-Colonel Robert McMillan, Twenty-fourth Georgia,commanding Cobb's


No. 290.-Major General Richard H. Anderson, C. S. Army,commanding Anderson's division.

No. 291.-Brigadier General Cadmus M. Wilcox, C. S. Army,commanding Wilcox's


No. 292.-Captain John W. Lewis, commanding Lewis' Light Artillery.

No. 293.-Brigadier General William Mahone, C. S. Army,commanding Mahone's brigade.

No. 294.-Brigadier General W. S. Featherston, C. S. Army,commanding Featherston's


No. 295.-Brigadier General A. R. Wright, C. S. Army,commanding Wright's brigade.

No. 296.-Brigadier General E. A. Perry, C. S. Army,commanding Perry's brigade.

No. 297.-Captain David Lang, Eighth Florida Infantry.

No. 298.-Captain V. Maurin, Louisiana battery, Donaldsonville Artillery.

No. 299.-Major General John B. Hood, C. S. Army,commanding Hood's division.

No. 300.-Brigadier General E. M. Law, C. S. Army,commanding Law's brigade.

No. 301.-Brigadier General Robert Ransom,jr. C. S. Army,commanding Ransom's


No. 302.-Colonel Edward D. Hall, Forty-sixth North Carolina Infantry,

commanding J. R. Cooke's brigade.

No. 303.-Lieutenant General Thomas J. Jackson, C. S. Army,commanding Second Army


No. 304.-Colonel S. Crutchfield, Chief of Artillery.

No. 305.-Colonel J. Thompson Brown, First Virginia Artillery.

No. 306.-Major D. B. Bridgford, Chief Provost Marshal.

No. 307.-Major General Daniel H. Hill, C. S. Army,commanding D. H. Hill's


No. 308.-Major General Ambrose P. Hill, C. S. Army,commanding A. P. Hill's


No. 309.-Lieutenant Colonel R. L. Walker,commanding artillery.

No. 310.-Colonel J. M. Brockenbrough, Fortieth Virginia Infantry,

commanding First [Field's] Brigade.

No. 311.-Colonel D. H. Hamilton, First South Carolina Infantry,commanding

Second [Gregg's] Brigade.