War of the Rebellion: Serial 031 Page 0043 Chapter XXXIII. BATTLE OF FREDERICKSBURG,VA.

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No. 181.-Brigadier General George Sykes, U. S. Army,commanding Second Division.

No. 182.-Lieutenant Malbone F. Watson, Fifth U. S. Artillery,commanding

Division Artillery.

No. 183.-Lieutenant Frederick Dorries, Battery L, First Ohio Light


No. 184.-Lieutenant Colonel Robert C. Buchanan, Fourth U. S. Infantry,

commanding First Brigade.

No. 185.-Captain John D. Wilkins, Third U. S. Infantry.

No. 186.-Captain Hiram Dryer, Fourth U. S. Infantry.

No. 187.-Captain Matthew M. Blunt, Twelfth U. S. Infantry.

No. 188.-Captain John D. O'Connell, Fourteenth U. S. Infantry.

No. 189.-Major George L. Andrews, Seventeenth U. S. Infantry,commanding

Second Brigade.

No. 190.-Captain Salem S. Marsh, Second U. S. Infantry,commanding battalion

of First and Second Infantry.

No. 191.-Captain Henry E. Maynadier,battalion Tenth U. S. Infantry.

No. 192.-Captain Charles S. Russell,battalion Eleventh U. S. Infantry.

No. 193.-Brigadier General Gonverneur K. Warren, U. S. Army,commanding Third


No. 194.-Brigadier General Andrew A. Humphreys, U. S. Army,commanding Third


No. 195.-Captain Alanson M. Randol, First U. S. Artillery, Chief of Artillery.

No. 196.-Second Lieutenant William H. Phillips, Battery C, First New York

Light Artillery.

No. 197.-Brigadier General Erastus B. Tyler, U. S. Army,commanding First Brigade.

No. 198.-Colonel Edgar M. Gregory, Ninety-first Pennsylvania Infantry.

No. 199.-Lieutenant Colonel David W. Rowe, One hundred and twenty-sixth

Pennsylvania Infantry.

No. 200.-Colonel Jacob G. Frick, One hundred and twenty-ninth Pennsylvania


No. 201.-Lieutenant Colonel Edward O'Brien, One hundred and thirty-fourth

Pennsylvania Infantry.

No. 202.-Colonel Peter H. Allabach, One hundred and thirty-first

Pennsylvania Infantry, commanding Second Brigade.

No. 203.-Colonel John B. Clark, One hundred and twenty-third Pennsylvania


No. 204.-Lieutenant Colonel William B. Shant, One hundred and thirty-first

Pennsylvania Infantry.

No. 205.-Colonel Franklin B. Speakman, One hundred and thirty-third

Pennsylvania Infantry.

No. 206.-Colonel Edward J. Allen, One hundred and fifty-fifth Pennsylvania


No. 207.-Major General William B. Franklin, U. S. Army,commanding Left Grand


No. 208.-Major General John F. Reynolds, U. S. Army,commanding First Army


No. 209.-Colonel C. S. Wainwright, First New York Light Artillery, Chief

of Artillery.

No. 210.-Brigadier General Abner Doubleday, U. S. Army,commanding First


No. 211.-Lieutenant Frederick M. Edgell, First New Hampshire Light Battery.

No. 212.-Captain John A. Reynolds, Battery L, First New York Light Artillery.

No. 213.-Second Lieutenant James Stewart, Battery B, Fourth U. S. Artillery.

No. 214.-Colonel Walter Phelps,jr., Twenty-second New York Infantry,

commanding First Brigade.

No. 215.-Colonel James Gavin, Seventh Indiana Infantry,comamnding

Second Brigade.

No. 216.-Lieutenant Colonel J. William Hofman, Fifty-sixth Pennsylvania


No. 217.-Colonel William F. Rogers, Twenty-first New York Infantry,

commanding Third Brigade.

No. 218.-Lieutenant Colonel Jacob B. Hardenbergh, Eightieth New York Infantry.

No. 219.-Brigadier General Solomon Meredith, U. S. Army,commanding Fourth


No. 220.-Colonel Lysander Cutler, Sixth Wisconsin Infantry,commanding

Fourth Brigade.

No. 221.-Colonel Lucius Fairchild, Second Wisconsin Infantry.