War of the Rebellion: Serial 031 Page 0042 OPERATIONS IN N.VA.,W.VA.,MD.AND PA. Chapter XXXIII.

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No. 134.-Lieutenant Colonel Edgar A. Kimball, Ninth New York Infantry.

No. 135.-Colonel Harrison s. Faircchild, Eighty-ninth New York Infantry.

No. 136.-Major Benjamin Ringold, One hundred and third New York


No. 137.-Colonel Edward Harland, Eighth Connecticut Infantry,commanding

Second Brigade.

No. 138.-Captain Henry M. Hoyt, Eighth Connecticut Infantry.

No. 139.-Colonel Griffin A. Stedman,jr., Eleventh Connecticut Infantry.

No. 140.-Lieutenant Colonel Samuel Tolles, Fifteenth Connecticut Infantry.

No. 141.-Captain Charles L. Upham, Sixteenth Connecticut Infantry.

No. 142.-Colonel Arthur H. Dutton, Twenty-first Connecticut Infantry.

No. 143.-Major Martin P. Buffum, Fourth Rhode Island Infantry.

No. 144.-Major General Joseph Hooker, U. S. Army,commanding Center Grand


No. 145.-Brigadier General George Stoneman, U. S. Army,commanding Third Army


No. 146.-Brigadier General David B. Birney, U. S. Army,commanding First


No. 147.-Captain George E. Randolph, Chief of Artillery, First Division.

No. 148.-Brigadier General John C. Robinson, U. S. Army,commanding First Brigade.

No. 149.-Major John A. Danks, Sixty-third Pennsylvania Infantry.

No. 150.-Brigadier General J. H. Hobart Ward, U. S. Army,commanding Second


No. 151.-Colonel Elijah Walker, Fourth Maine Infantry.

No. 152.-Lieutenant Colonel William Birney, Thirty-eighth New York Infantry.

No. 153.-Brigadier General Hiram G. Berry, U. S. Army,commanding Third Brigade.

No. 154.-Major Moses B. Houghton, Third Michigan Infantry.

No. 155.-Brigadier General Daniel E. Sickles, U. S. Army,commanding Second


No. 156.-Brigadier General Joseph B. Carr, U. S. Army,commanding First Brigade.

No. 157.-Colonel George B. Hall, Seventy-first New York Infantry,

commanding Second Brigade.

No. 158.-Colonel William R. Brewster, Seventy-third New York Infantry.

No. 159.-Lieutenant Colonel William H. Lounsbury, Seventy-fourth New York


No. 160.-Colonel George H. Sharpe, One hundred and twentieth New York


No. 161.-Brigadier General Joseph W. Revere, U. S. Army,commanding Third


No. 162.-Colonel William J. Sewell, Fifth New Jersey Infantry.

No. 163.-Colonel Louis R. Francine, Seventh New Jersey Infantry.

No. 164.-Lieutenant Colonel William A. Olmsted, Second New York Infantry,

commanding One hundred and fifteenth Pennsylvania


No. 165.-Brigadier General Amiel W. Whipple, U. S. Army,commanding Third Division.

No. 166.-Brigadier General A. Sanders Piatt, U. S. Army,commanding First


No. 167.-Colonel Emlen Franklin, One hundred and twenty-second

Pennsylvania Infantry, commanding First Brigade.

No. 168.-Colonel Samuel S. Carroll, Eighth Ohio Infantry,commanding

Second Brigade.

No. 169.-Colonel Joseph H. Potter, Twelfth New Hampshire Infantry


No. 170.-Brigadier General Daniel Butterfield, U. S. Army,commanding Fifth

Army Corps.

No. 171.-Captain Stephen H. Weed, Fifth U. S. Artillery, Chief of Artillery.

No. 172.-Brigadier General Charles Griffin, U. S. Army,commanding First Division.

No. 173.-Lieutenant Joseph C. Ayer, Eighteenth Massachusetts Infantry, Chief of Ambulance Corps, First Division.

No. 174.-Captain Augustus P. Martin, Battery C, Massachusetts Light


No. 175.-Captain Charles A. Phillips, Battery E, Massachusetts Light


No. 176.-Colonel James Barness, Eighteenth Massachusetts Infantry,

commanding First Brigade.

No. 177.-Colonel Jacob B. Sweitzer, Sixty-second Pennsylvania Infantry,

commanding Second Brigade.

No. 178.-Colonel T. B. W. Stocton, Sixteenth Michigan Infantry,commanding

Third Brigade.

No. 179.-Colonel Strong Vincent, Eighty-third Pennsylvania Infantry.

No. 180.-Lieutenant Colonel Casper Trepp, First U. S. Sharpshooters.