War of the Rebellion: Serial 031 Page 0040 OPERATIONS IN N.VA.,W.VA.,MD.,AND PA. Chapter XXXIII.

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No. 38.-Captain Rufus D. Pettit, Battery B, First New York Light


No. 39.-Captain Jacob Roemer, Battery L, Second New York Light


No. 40.-Captain James E. Smith, Fourth New York Battery.

No. 41.-Captain George W. Durell, Battery D, Pennsylvania Light Artillery.

No. 42.-Captain Charles D. Owen, Battery G, First Rhode Island Light


No. 43.-Lieutenant Samuel N. Benjamin, Battery E, Second U. S. Artillery.

No. 44.-Captain Horatio G. Gibson, Battery C, Third U. S. Artillery.

No. 45.-Lieutenant Rufus King, jr., Battery A, Fourth U. S. Artillery.

No. 45.-Lieutenant Charles E. Hazlett, Battery D, Fifth U. S. Artillery.

No. 47.-Captain Gustavus A. De Russy, Fourth U. S. Artillery,commanding

batteries on the left.

No. 48.-Captain Andrew Cowan, First New York Battery.

No. 49.-Captain Elijah D. Taft, Fifth New York Battery.

No. 50.-Lieutenant R. Bruce Ricketts, Battery F, First Pennsylvania Light


No. 51.-Major General Edwin W. Sumner, U. S. Army,commanding Right Grand


No. 52.-Brigadier General Alfred Pleasonton, U. S. Army, commanding Cavalry

Division, Right Grand Division.

No. 53.-Major General Darius N. Couch, U. S. Army,commanding Second Army


No. 54.-First Lieutenant Edmund Kirby, Battery I, First U. S. Artillery.

No. 55.-Brigadier General Winfield S. Hancock, U. S. Army,commanding First


No. 56.-Lieutenant Evan Thomas, Battery C, Fourth U. S. Artillery.

No. 57.-Brigadier General John C. Caldwell, U. S. Army,commanding First Brigade.

No. 58.-Colonel Edward E. Cross, Fifth New Hampshire Infantry.

No. 59.-Colonel George W. Von Schack, Seventh New York Infantry.

No. 60.-Colonel Nelson A. Miles, Sixty-first New York Infantry,

commanding Sixty-first and Sixty-fourth New York Regiments.

No. 61.-Captain William Wilson, Eighty-first Pennsylvania Infantry.

No. 62.-Lieutenant Colonel David B. McCreary, One hundred and forty-fifth

Pennsylvania Infantry.

No. 63.-Brigadier General Thomas F. Meagher, U. S. Army,commanding Second


No. 64.-Colonel Richard Byrnes, Twenty-eighth Massachussetts Infantry.

No. 65.-Lieutenant Colonel Richard C. Bentley, Sixty-third New York Infantry.

No. 66.-Captain Patrick J. Condon, Sixty-third New York Infantry.

No. 67.-Captain James Saunders, Sixty-ninth New York Infantry.

No. 68.-Colonel Patrick Kelly, Eighty-eighth New York Infantry.

No. 69.-Captain John Teel, One hundred and sixteenth Pennsylvania


No. 70.-Colonel Samuel K. Zook, Fifty-seventh New York Infantry,

commanding Third Brigade.

No. 71.-Colonel Richard S. Bostwick, Twenty-seventh Connecticut


No. 72.-Captain Peter McCullough, Second Delaware Infantry.

No. 73.-Colonel Paul Frank, Fifty-second New York Infantry.

No. 74.-Captain James W. Britt, Fifty-seventh New York Infantry.

No. 75.-Lieutenant James G. Derrickson, Sixty-sixth New York Infantry.

No. 76.-Colonel John R. Brooke, Fifty-third Pennsylvania Infantry.

No. 77.-Brigadier General Oliver O. Howard, U. S. Army,commanding Second


No. 78.-Captain William A. Arnold, Battery A, First Rhode Island


No. 79.-Captain John G. Hazard, Battery B, First Rhode Island Artillery.

No. 80.-Brigadier General Alfred Sully, U. S. Army,commanding First Brigade.

No. 81.-Colonel Frederick D. Sewall, Nineteenth Maine Infantry.

No. 82.-Captain Charles H. Watson, Fifteenth Massachusetts Infantry.

No. 83.-Captain William Plumer, First Company Massachusetts


No. 84.-Colonel George N. Morgan, First Minnesota Infantry.

No. 85.-Colonel James A. Suiter, Thirty-fourth New York Infantry.

No. 86.-Lieutenant Colonel James Huston, Eighty-second New York Infantry.