War of the Rebellion: Serial 031 Page 0037 Chapter XXXIII. ENGAGEMENT ON THE RAPPAHANNOCK RIVER,VA.

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rifles, under the gallant [John] Pelham, of Stuart's cavalry, placed near the water's edge, gave them a parting salute. I regret to add that he had 1 man severely and 1 slightly wounded. there were no casualties in the batteries of my command.

This same gun of Hardaway, at Upperville, drove entirely off the field near Upperville a Yankee battery of artillery and a large force of cavalry and infantry at a distance of 3 1/2 miles. "The restores of the Union" have made their trust so much in their long-range guns that, when they find themselves under the fire of a superior range, they become demoralized and will not fight.

I make this report to call the attention of the War Department to the extraordinary merit of the Withworth gun in the hands of such a man as Hardaway-the best practical artillerist I have seen in service. He still remains a captain, while officers never engaged have been promoted over him.

With great respect,



Lieutenant-General JACKSON,

Commanding Left Wing.

No. 2. Report of Brigadier General W. H. F. Lee, C. S. Army.

HEADQUARTERS LEE'S CAVALRY BRIGADE, Morse Neck, Va., December 5, 1862.

GENERAL: I have the honor to forward Colonel Beale's report of an expedition sent into Westmoreland, which, as you know, was entirely successful.*

On yesterday evening I heard that General Hill had ordered the Whitworth gun to a position near Pratt's house to open on the gunboats. I ordered Major Pelham to carry the two rifled guns of Moorman's battery, under Lieutenant [Charles R.] Phelps, to the position near Pratt's house previously examined by him with yourself. After replying to the Whitworth gun for an hour, they steamed up and came down the river. Major Pelham waited until they were within 300 yards, and opened with deadly effect, putting two shot through and through one of the boats. They replied with grape, and one of the gunners had his leg carried off. I will forward the name of the man. He behaved with marked gallantry and coolness. Major Pelham superintended the guns in person.

Very respectfully,

W. H. F. LEE,


[Major General J. E. B. STUART,

Commanding Cavalry Division.]



Respectfully forwarded for the information of the commanding general, whose notice is respectfully called to the gallantry displayed by


*See Lee to Stuart, p.28.