War of the Rebellion: Serial 030 Page 0515 Chapter XXXII. ORGANIZATIONS MENTIONED.

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Palmer's (Joseph) Artillery. See Georgia Troops, 14th Battalion, Battery A.

Palmer's (William J.) cavalry. See Pennsylvania Troops, 15th Regiment.

Partin's (J. J.) Infantry. See Baxter Smith's Cavalry.

Payne's (O. H.) Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 124th Regiment.

Perkins' (Thomas L.) Cavalry. See De Witt C. Douglass' Cavalry.

Perry's (M. S.) Infantry. See Florida Troops, 7th Regiment.

Poorman's (C. L.) Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 98th Regiment.

Presslye's (J. F.) Infantry. See South Carolina Troops, 10th Regiment.

Quackenbush's (M. W.) Infantry. See Michigan Troops, 14th Regiment.

Ratiff's (R. W.) Cavalry. See Ohio Troops, 2nd Regiment.

Reaney's (William) Cavalry. See Ohio Troops, 7th Regiment.

Reece's (J. S.) Cavalry. See R. D. Allison's Cavalry.

Reeve's (F. A.) Infantry. See Tennessee Troops, Union, 8th Regiment.

Reeves' (W. N.) Artillery. See Hilliard's Legion.

Reilly's (James W.) Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 104th Regiments.

Rhett Artillery. See Tennessee Troops, Confederate.

Roberts' (B. E.) Cavalry. See Kentucky Troops, Confederate, 6th Regiment.

Roberts' (Franklin) Artillery. See Arkansas Troops.

Robertson's (F. M.) Artillery. See Florida Troops.

Robinson's (Milton S.) Infantry. See Indiana Troops, 75th Regiment.

Robinson's (N. T. N.) Artillery. See Louisiana Troops.

Rogers' Scouts. Official designation unknown.

Ross' (J. A.) Infantry. See Arkansas Troops, 4th Battalion.

Rousseau's (Laurence H.) Infantry. See Kentucky Troops, Union, 12th Regiment.

Rucker's (E. W.) Cavalry. See Tennessee Troops, Confederate, 16th Battalion.

Runkle's (Benjamin P.) Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 45th Regiment.

Ruteshauser's (Isaac) Infantry. See Illinois Troops, 58th Regiment.

Sanford's (J. W. A.) Infantry. See Hilliard's Legion.

Schambeck's (F.) Cavalry. See Illinois Troops.

Scott's (John S.) Cavalry. See Louisiana Troops, 1st Regiment.

Scott's (W. L.) Artillery. See Tennessee Troops, Confederate.

Semple's (Henry C.) Artillery. See Alabama Troops.

Shackelford's (M. J.) Calvary. See Kentucky Troops, Union, 8th Regiment.

Sawhan's (John) Cavalry. See Kentucky Troops, Confederate.

Shelley's (C. M.) Infantry. See Alabama Troops, 30th Regiment.

Shelley's (James T.) Infantry. See Tennessee Troops, Union, 5th Regiment.

Sherer's (Samuel B.) Cavalry. See Illinois Troops.

Shields' (Joseph C.) Artillery. See Ohio Troops, 19th Battery.

Shryock's (Kline G.) Infantry. See Indiana Troops, 87th Regiment.

Signal Corps. See Jesse Merrill.

Simms' (Patrick) Cavalry. See Kentucky Troops, Confederate, 8th Regiment.

Sirwell's (William) Infantry. See Pennsylvania Troops, 78th Regiment.

Slaughter's (J. N.) Infantry. See Alabama Troops, 34th Regiment.

Slemmer's (Adam J.) Infantry. See Union troops, Regulars, 16th Regiment.

Slocomb's (C. H.) Artillery. See Washington Artillery, 5th Battery.

Smith's (Baxter) Cavalry. See Tennessee Troops, Confederate.

Smith's (George P.) Infantry. See Illinois Troops, 129th Regiment.

Smith's (J. T.) Infantry. See Georgia Troops, 9th Battalion.

Smith's (S. J.) Legion. See Georgia Troops.

Smith's (William O.) Cavalry. See Kentucky Troops, Union, 7th Regiment.

Standart's (William) Artillery. See Ohio Troops, 1st Regiment, Battery B.

Stansel's (M. L.) Infantry. See Alabama Troops, 41st Regiment.

Starnes' (J. W.) Cavalry. See Tennessee Troops, Confederate.

Stivers'' (J. W.) Cavalry. See Kentucky Troops, Union 14th Regiment.

Stokes' (James H.) Artillery. See Chicago Board of Trade Artillery.