War of the Rebellion: Serial 030 Page 0510 KY., MID. AND E. TENN., N. AND SW. VA. Chapter XXXII.

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Bishop's (W. H.) Infantry. See Mississippi Troops, 7th Regiment.

Blackburn's (E. M.) Cavalry. See Mississippi Toops.

Bledsoe's (W. S.) Cavalry. See J. P. Murray's Cavalry.

Blythe's Infantry. See Mississippi Troops, 44th Regiment.

Bond's (John R.) Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 111th Regiment.

Boone's (Thomas C.) Infantry. See Ohio Troops. 115th Regiment.

Botetourt Artillery. See Virginia Troops.

Bowen's (W. L. L.) Infantry. See Florida Troops, 4th Regiment.

Boyle's (John_ Cavalry. See Kentucky Troops, Union, 4th Regiment.

Boyd's (William) Infantry. See Georgia Troops, 52nd Regiment.

Bradford's (W. M.) Infantry. See Tennessee Troops, Confederate, 31st Regiment.

Brady's (W.) Infantry. See Kentucky Troops, Union, 27th Regiment.

Bracht's (F. G.) Infantry. See Kentucky Troops, Union, 18th Regiment.

Bragg's (Braxton) Escort. Official designation unknown. See Braxton Bragg.

Brantly's (W. F.) Infantry. See Mississippi Troops, 29th Regiment.

Breckinridge's (W. C. P.) Cavalry. See Kentucky Troops, Confederate.

Brown Horse Artillery. See Tennessee Troops, Confederate.

Bruster's (O. F.) Cavalry. See De With C. Douglass' Cavalry.

Buck's (W. A.) Infantry. See Alabama Troops, 24th Regiment.

Buckner's (Benjamin F.) Infantry. See Kentucky Toops, Union, 20th Regiment.

Buell's Body Guard Cavalry. See Anderson Troop Cavalry.

Bunn's (H. G.) Infantry. See Arkansas Troops, 4th Regiment.

Burke's (Joseph W.) Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 10th Regiment.

Burks' (J. C.) Cavalry. See Texas Troops, 11th Regiment.

Burroughs' (W. H.) Artillery. See Rhett Artillery.

Butler's (J. R.) Cavalry. See Kentucky Troops, Confederate.e, 3rd Regiment.

Butler's (W. R.) Infantry. See Tennessee Troops, Confederate, 18th Regiment.

Byrd's (Robert K.) Infantry. See Tennessee Troops, Union, 1st Regiment.

Cahill's (James B.) Infantry. See Illinois Troops, 16th Regiment.

Campbell's (Archibald P.) Cavalry. See Michigan Troops, 2nd Regiment.

Camron's (O. G.) Mounted Rifles. See Kentucky Toops, Confederate.

Carnes' (W. W.) Artillery. See Tennessee Troops, Confederate.

Carpenter's (Stephen D.) Infantry. See Union Troops, Regulars, 19th Regiment.

Carr's (Henry M.) Infantry. See Indiana Troops, 72nd Regiment.

Carroll's (Wiliam B.) Infantry. See Indiana Troops, 10th Regiment.

Carter's (James P. T.) Infantry. See Tennessee Trops. Union, 2nd Regiment.

Carter's (J. E.) Cavalry. See Tennessee Troops, Confederate.

Carter's (Nathan) Cavalry. See De Witt C, Douglass' Cavalry.

Case's (Henry) Infantry. See Illinois Troops, 129th Regiment.

Casement's (J. S.) Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 103rd Regiment.

Casey's Infantry. Official designation unknown. See Captain Casey.

Cassily's (William B.) Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 69th Regiment.

Caudil's (Ben. E.) Infantry. See Kentucky Troops, Confederate, 11th Regiment.

Champion's (Thomas E.) Infantry. See Illinois Troops, 96th Regiment.

Chapin's (M. W.) infantry. See Michigan Troops, 23rd Regiment.

Chapman's (Charles W.) Infantry. See Indiana Troops, 74th Regiment.

Chenault's (D. W.) Cavalry. See Kentucky Troops, Confederate, 11th Regiment.

Cherokee Artillery. See Georgia Troops.

Chicago Board of Trade Artillery. See Illinois Troops.

Choate's (William A.) Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 38th Regiment,

Clayton's (H. D.) Infantry. See Alabama Troops, 39th Regiment.

Clement's (N. N.) Infantry. See Alabama Troops,26th Regiment.

Clifford's (James) Cavalry. See Missouri Troops, Union, 1st Regiment.

Cluke's (R. S.) Cavalry. See Kentucky Troops, Confederate, 8th Regiment.

Cobb's (R.) Artillery. See Kentucky Troops, Confederate.