War of the Rebellion: Serial 030 Page 0509 Chapter XXXII] ORGANIZATIONS MENTIONED.

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Cleburne is young, ardent exceedingly gallant, but sufficiently prudent; a fine drill officer, and, like Donelson, the admiration of his command as a soldier and a gentleman.

For brigadier-general of infantry:

1. R. W. Hanson, colonel, Kentucky.

2. E. C. Walthall, colonel Mississippi.

3. Z. C. Deas, colonel, Alabama.

4. A. M. Manigault, colonel, South Carolina.

5. Thomas H. Hunt, colonel, Kentucky.

6. Lucius [E] Polk, colonel, Arkansas.

For brigadier-general of cavalry:

1. J. A. Wharton, colonel, Texas.

2. John H. Morgan, colonel, Kentucky.


General, Commanding.


Abbott's (E. P.) Artillery. See Tennessee Troops, Union, 1st Battalion, Battery A.

Adrian's (T. W.) Cavalry. See Tennessee Troops, Confederate, 12th Battalion.

Aleshire's (C. C.) Artillery. See Ohio Toops, 18th Battery.

Allen's (L. M.) Infantry. See North Carolina Troops, 64th Regiment.

Allin's (P. T.) Sharpshooters. See Tennessee Troops, Confederate.

Allison's (R. D. Cavalry. See Tennessee Troops, Confederate.

Amis' (Christian) Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 10th Regiment.

Anderson Cavalry. See Pennsylvania Troops, 15th Regiment.

Anderson Troop, Cavalry. See Pennsylvania Troops.

Anderson's (J. W.) Artillery. See Botetourt Artillery.

Anderson's (P. F.) Cavalry. See Baxter Smith's Cavalry.

Anderson's (R. W.) Artillery. See T. H. Dawson's Artillery.

Andrew's (W. W.) Artillery. See Indiana Troops, 21st Battery.

Andrew's (Jonh S.) Artillery. See Michigan Troops, 6th Battery.

Arnett's (R. M. J.) Artillery. See C. C. Corbett's Artillery.

Ashby's (H. M.) Cavalry. See Tennessee Troops, Confederate.

Atkins' (S. D.) Infantry. See Illinois Troops, 92nd Regiment.

Austin's (J. E.) Sharpshooters. See Louisiana Troops, 14th Battalion.

Baird's (A. H.) Cavalry. See North Carolina Toops, 5th Battalion.

Baird's (John P.) Infantry. See Indiana Troops, 85th Regiment.

Barbour Artillery. See Alabama Toops.

Barkuloo's (William) Infantry. See Georgia Troops, 57th Regiment.

Barr's (James, jr.) Infantry. See Mississippi Troops, 10th Regiment.

Barret's (O. W.) Artillery. See Missouri Troops, Confederate.

Bayles' (Jessee) Cavalry. See Kentucky Troops, Union, 4th Regiment.

Beck's (F. K.) Infantry. See Alabama Troops, 23rd Regiment.

Beebe's (Yates V.) Artillery. See Wisconsin Troops, 10th Battery.

Benneson's (W. H.) Infantry. See Illinois Troops, 78th Regiment.

Bennett's (J. D.) Cavalry. See Tennessee Troops, Confederate.

Biffle's (Jacob B.) Cavalry. See Tennessee Troops, Confederate.

Biggs' (Robert) Cavalry. See T. G. Woodward's Cavalry.

Bingham's (George B.) Infantry. See Wisconsin Troops, 1st Regiment.

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