War of the Rebellion: Serial 030 Page 0414 KY.,MID. AND E.TENN.,N.ALA.,AND SW.VA. Chapter XXXII.

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(At Cumberland and Big Creek Gaps, and on line of railroad.)

Brig. General HENRY HETH.

First Brigade.

Brig. General W. G. M. DAVIS.

1st Florida Cavalry, Colonel G. T. Maxwell.

6th Florida, Colonel J. J. Finley.

7th Florida, Colonel M. S. Perry.

63rd Tennessee, Colonel R. G. Fain.

Marion (Florida) Artillery, Captain J. M. Martin.

Second Brigade.

Brig. General A. GRACIE, Jr.,

43rd Alabama, Colonel Y. M. Moody.

55th Georgia, Colonel C. B. Harkie.

58th North Carolina, Colonel John B. Palmer.

62nd North Carolina, Colonel R. G. A. Love.

64th North Carolina, Colonel L. M. Allen.

Newman (Georgia) Artillery, Captain G. M. Hanvey.

Third Brigade (Smith's Legion).

Colonel S. J. SMITH.

Georgia Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel John S. Fain.

Georgia Cavalry Battalion, Lieut. Colonel John R. Hart.

Fourth Brigade.

Colonel A. W. REYNOLDS.

39th North Carolina, Colonel D. Coleman.

3rd Tennessee (Provisional Army), Colonel N. J. Lillard.

31st Tennessee, Colonel W. M. Bradford.

43rd Tennessee, Colonel J. W. Gillespie.

59th Tennessee, Colonel J. B. Cooke.

3rd Maryland Battery, Captain H. B. Latrobe.

Fifth Brigade.

Colonel A. H. BRADFORD.

1st Alabama Battalion,* Lieut. Colonel Jack Thorington.

2nd Alabama Battalion,* Lieut. Colonel B. Hall, jr.

3rd Alabama Battalion,* Lieut. Colonel J. W. A. Sanford.

4th Alabama Artillery Battalion,* Lieut. Colonel W. N. Reeves.

Barbour (Alabama) Artillery, Captain R. F. Kolb.

First Cavalry Brigade.

Brig. General JOHN PEGRAM.

Alabama Cavalry, Colonel J. R. Howard.

1st Tennessee Cavalry, Colonel H. M. Ashby.

3rd Tennessee Cavalry, Colonel J. W. Starnes.

Tennessee Cavalry, Colonel J. E. Carter.

Tennessee Battery, Captain W. R. Marshall.

Second Cavalry Brigade.

(On the line of Kentucky and Tennessee.)


2nd Kentucky Cavalry, Colonel Basil W. Duke.

7th Kentucky Cavalry, Colonel R. M. Gano.

8th Kentucky Cavalry, Colonel R. S. Cluke.

11th Kentucky Cavalry, Colonel D. W. Chenault.

Kentucky Battalion, Lieut. Colonel W. C. P. Breckinridge.

Arnett's Kentucky howitzer battery.

Third Cavalry Brigade.

(At Sparta, Tenn.)

Colonel J. S. SCOTT.

1st Georgia Cavalry, Colonel J. J. Morrison.

1st Louisiana Cavalry, Lieut. Colonel J. O. Nixon.

12th Tennessee Cavalry Battalion, Major T. W. Adrian.

Louisiana Battery, Captain William H. Holmes.


*Hillard's Legion.