War of the Rebellion: Serial 030 Page 0345 Chapter XXXII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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Abstract from tri-monthly return of the Department of the Cumberland, &c.-Continued.


Present for duty.

Aggre- Aggregate

Command. Officers Men. gate present

present and absent

Department staff. 27 --- 28 29

10th Ohio. 21 421 454 744

Fourteenth Army 1,414 25, 33,000 49,982

Corps. 869

Twentieth Army Corps. 646 12, 15,578 28,048


Twenty-first Army 721 12, 14,308 28,258

Corps. 340

Unattached forces. 693 12, 17,432 25,244


Grand total. 3,522 63, 80,800 132,305




of artillery.

Aggregate Hea

Command. last vy. Field. Remarks.


Department staff. 29 ---


10th Ohio. 752 ---


Fourteenth Army 49,178 --- 53


Twentieth Army Corps. 28,219 --- 39

Twenty-first Army 30,540 ---



Unattached forces. 24,615 8 19

Grand total. 133,333 8 111

MURFREESBOROUGH, TENN., January 21, 1863.

Colonel A. STAGER:

The following has just been received from Captain Pennock, Cairo; please send copies to General Halleck and Secretary Stanton:

On the 1st of October last the gunboat service was transferred, by an act of Congress, from the War to the Navy Department, and Rear-Admiral Porter placed in command, who is acting exclusively under the orders of the Navy Department. This department is his, not mine. I am acting under his order, and am ordered to report to him and Navy Department for instructions. Can state that of the fifteen light-draught gunboats, mentioned by General Halleck as being at Cairo, three only are here. One of these has small-pox on board, one already useless for want of steampower, and the third under orders from the admiral. Of the additional boats spoken of as now building, I have no knowledge. I will send your communication to the admiral by the first opportunity. Previous to the admiral's leaving he sent up the Cumberland and Tennessee Rivers all the forces he had to spare, and directed their commanders to co-operate with the army.


Fleet Captain, and Commanding Station.



INSPECTOR-GENERAL'S DEPARTMENT, Washington, D. C., February 4, 1863.


Washington, D. C.:

SIR: I have the honor to submit the following report as the result of my investigations relative to the Anderson Cavalry, covering and in addition to my report by telegraph from Nashville, Tenn., on the 27th ultimo,* made pursuant to instructions from the Secretary of War, as per your letter to me of the 17th of January, 1863.

From official documents, the reports of officers and enlisted men of the regiment, and from officers and other sources outside, the informa-


*See report of January 27, 1863, p. 374.