War of the Rebellion: Serial 030 Page 0335 Chapter XXXII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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me he will send two divisions to me. Have inquired of their commanders, with a view to organization. It is very important that I should have a few good division commanders, whose names I should like to know. It is also of great importance that the commission of General Granger should be antedated. Reynolds ought to rank from his old date; Granger from March, 1862. The reason is, the service demands them for division commanders, and I can't afford to quarrel with their seniors in rank but juniors in qualifications. Answer.


Major-General Commanding.


Captain PENNOCK, U. S. Navy,

Cairo, Ill.:

General Halleck informs the general commanding this department that you have fifteen light gunboats at Cairo. The general commanding wishes them to be put into service immediately on the Cumberland River, to patrol, &c. He also desires the names of the boats and officers commanding them, and a full report of the conditions of things in your department.

While the water is high in the Cumberland, he wishes the ferry transportation of the enemy to be destroyed as far up the river as possible.

Most danger may be expected above Donelson, but good lookout should be kept below. General Halleck also informs the general commanding that fifteen more gunboats are in course of construction at Cairo; they will be valuable for convoying transports.


Assistant Adjutant-General and Chief of Staff.

MURFREESBOROUGH, TENN., January 17, 1863.

Honorable E. M. STANTON,

Secretary of War:

It is very necessary, to give force and energy to our troops, that we should have able brigade and division commanders. We have colonels who have commanded brigades for a year under the disadvantages of having no staffs, and of robbing the regiments, which both need and have a right to their colonels. It will also be eminently for the good of the service that the appointments of Brigadier Generals J. J. Reynolds and R. S. Granger should be antedated, so that I may give them command of divisions over such men as Paine, T. T. Crittenden, Manson, and others, whom I cannot now do without. Reynolds ought to rank from his old commission. He is a first-class officer. Granger should rank from March last.


Major-General, Commanding.

CORINTH, January 17, 1863.


I captured orders from Bragg yesterday, ordering his cavalry that is scattered along the Tennessee River, a portion of it to go to Chatta-