War of the Rebellion: Serial 030 Page 0206 KY.,MID. AND E.TENN.,N.ALA.,AND SW.VA. Chapter XXXII.

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posted on the Scottville road, to observe and report the earliest movements of the enemy in that direction, Paine to have his force in readiness to concentrate on Gallatin in case it is ascertained that the enemy is approaching in force.


Major-General, U. S. Volunteers.




No. 41. Nashville, Tenn., December 19, 1862.

I. The numeration of divisions and brigades, now running through the whole army, is hereby changed. Divisions will hereafter be known as the First, Second, Third, &c., of the center, or of such a wing. Brigades, as the First, Second, Third, &c., of such a division.

II. Brigades in divisions, and divisions in wings, &c., will be numbered from right to left; but in reports of operations they will be designated by the names of their commanders.

III. Flags will be used to indicate the various headquarters, as follows: General headquarters-the National flag, 6 feet by 5, with a golden eagle below the stars, 2 feet from tip to tip. Right wing-a plain light crimson flag. Center-a plain light blue flag. Left wing-a plain pink flag. First Division, right wing-the flag of the wing, with one white star, 18 inches in diameter, the inner point 1 inch form the staff. Third Division, right wing-the flag of the wing, with three white stars, each 18 inches in diameter, set in triangular form, the outside star 1 inch from the outer line of flag. The division flags of the center and left wing will correspond with the above; that is to say, they will be the flags of the center of left wing, as the case may be, and with one, two, or three white stars, each 18 inches in diameter, according as they represent the First, Second, or Third Divisions. The headquarters flags of all brigades will be the flags of their divisions, with the number of the brigade in black, 8 inches long, in the center of each star. That of the brigade of regulars, however, will, instead of the white star and black number, have simply a golden star. The flags of the wings will be 6 feet on staff by 4 feet fly; those of the divisions and brigades 5 feet by 3. They will all be of a pattern to be furnished to the quartermaster's department. Artillery reserve-a plain red flag, equilateral in shape, each side being 5 feet. Cavalry reserve-of the same shape as division flags, 3 feet fly by 5 on the staff, but of deep orange color. Divisions and brigades to be designated as in the infantry; that is, the First, Second, and Third Division by one, two, and three white start respectively; the First, Second, and Third Brigades by black figures in each star. Engineer corps-a white and blue flag, blue uppermost and running horizontally. Flag 5 feet on staff by 3 feet fly. Hospitals and ambulance depots-a light yellow flag, 3 feet square, for the hospitals and for the principal ambulance depot on a field of battle; 2 feet square for the lesser ones. Subsistence depots or store-hourse-a plain light green flag, 3 feet square. Quartermaster's depots or store-houses-same flag, with the letters Q. M. D. in white, 1 foot long.

IV. All of these flags will be attached to a portable staff, 14 feet long, made in two joints, and will be habitually displayed in front of the tent, or from some prominent part of the house or vessel occupied by