War of the Rebellion: Serial 029 Page 0973 Chapter XXXII. THE STONE'S RIVER CAMPAIGN.

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Twenty-second Regiment of Infantry:

Serg. W. D. Summer, Co. A.

Private William Sellers, Co. B.

Corpl. J. L. Husbands, Co. C.

Sergt. B. T. Nelson, Co. D.

Sergt. P. A. Minton, Co. E.

Corpl. N. B. Walker, Co. F.

Private J. R. Black, Co. G.

Corpl. W. R. Larry, Co. H.

Private J. J. McVey, Co. I.

Private J. N. Eilands, Co. K.

Twenty-fourth Regiment of Infantry:

Capt. W. D. Smith,* Co. A.

Capt. W. P. Fowler, Co. F.

Capt. John B. Hazard, Co. I.

Capt. W. J. O'Brien, Co. B.

Lieut. J. A. Hall, Co. K.

Lieut. A. B. Nelson, Co. D.

Lieut. R. T. Parham, Co. H.

Lieut. A. Young, Co. A.

Sergt. MajorWilliam Mink.

First Sergt. J. M. J. Tally, Co. K.

Sergt. John Ives, Co. A.

Private Martin Duggan, Co. B.

Private Melbourn Deloach, Co. C.

Sergt. Samuel S. Wylie, Co. D.

Private Joseph Hall, Co. E.

Private Samuel M. Roberts,* Co. F.

Private A. W. Scott, Co. G.

Private James R. Green, Co. H.

Private N. Lankford,* Co. I.

Private A. Posey, Co. K.

Twenty-fifth Regiment of Infantry:

Sergt. Isaac N. Rhoades, Co. A.

Private Warren A. Jackson, Co. B.

Private Samuel Ellison, Co. C.

Private James A. Mote, Co. D.

Sergt. J. F. Coker,* Co. F.

Sergt. Patrick H. Smith, Co. G.

Private Marion F. Hazlewood, Co. H.

Private Charles W. Ropers,* Co. I.

Private J. B. Peacock,* Co. K.

Twenty-sixth Regiment of Infantry:

Private B. A. Thomason, Co. A.

Sergt. J. E. Gilbert, Co. B.

Private L. P. Roberts, Co. C.

Private Reedy Ward, Co. D.

Sergt. F. E. Mitchell, Co. E.

Private J. T. McClain, Co. G.

Private J. H. Cotrel, Co. H.

Private John A. Uselton, Co. I.

Companies F and K made no selection.

Twenty-eighth Regiment of Infantry:

Private Topley Murphey, Co. B.

Sergt. Elias Wood, Co. G.

Sergt. W. B. Curry, Co. K.

Sergt. William E. Short, Co. L.

The other companies made no selection.

Thirty-second Regiment of Infantry:

Private James Clemens,* Co. A.

Corpl. Vincent H. Joiner, Co. B.

Private Edmund Davis, Co. C.

Corpl. John C. Oliver,* Co. D.

Private Reuben Dumas, Co. E.

Private Nathaniel F. Wheelis,* Co. F.

Corpl. James H. Dove, Co. G.

Private Alfred C. Hutto, Co. H.

Sergt. George W. Vansandt, Co. I.

Corpl. Elijah P. Gabel,* Co. K.

Thirty-fourth Regiment of Infantry:

Corpl. S. J. Numney, Co. A.

Private J. R. Browning, Co. C.

Private C. P. Greer, Co. D.

Private James Shehorn, Co. E.

Private S. W. Reynolds, Co. F.

Private J. G. Whaley, Co. G.

Private T. N. Cloud, Co. H.

Private B. R. Covington, Co. L.

Private J. G. Metts, Co. K.

Thirty-ninth Regiment of Infantry:

Adjt. J. M. Macon.

Second Lieut. E. Q. Thornton, Co. K.

Second Lieut. E. O. Petty, Co. B.

Sergt. C. K. Hall, Co. H.

Sergt. W. J. White, Co. H.

Sergt. E. Priest, Co. K.

Private W. C. Menefee, Co. A.

Sergt. A. J. Talbot, Co. A.

Private Samuel M. Martin, Co. B.

Private John Dansby, Co. C.

Private Evander Burkett, Co. D.

Private Frank Jones, Co. E.

Private William W. Meadows, Co. F.

Sergts. John H. Poyner and T. F. Espy,

Co. G. (Company G was unable to decide between these two sergeants.)

Sergt. Abner Flowers, Co. I.

Sergt. James S. Wilson, Co. K.

Company H made no selection.


*Killed in action.