War of the Rebellion: Serial 029 Page 0964 KY.,MID. AND E.TENN.,N.ALA., AND SW.VA. Chapter XXXII.

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of wagons parked on the plains; captured 36 wagons laden with ammunition, commissary and quartermaster's stores, which were burned; the teams of mules and horses attached to them, 8 or 10 wagons, and 50 prisoners. After which they proceeded to Nolensville, and, with other commands of this brigade, captured 20 wagons, 50 prisoners, the teams of horses and mules, late in the afternoon of that day. From thence they proceeded in a westerly direction for 6 or 8 miles and bivouacked for the night.

Before daylight on Wednesday morning, the 31st, we were ordered to march, and at 2 o'clock on that day, on the Wilkinson pike, engaged in skirmishing with the infantry of the enemy's right in front of Murfreesborough. The engagement was kept up until nightfall.

In this engagement Lieutenant-Colonel Webb was struck on the

fore-head by a fragment of a shell; 1 private of Company A wounded; 4 privates of Company B wounded; Company D, 1 private wounded; Company H, 1 private; Company F, 3 privates; Company E, 1 private.

Again on January 1, 1863, we engaged the enemy at La Vergne, on the left of the pike, facing toward Murfreesborough, for nearly one hour. They were well posted on an eminence behind houses, a train of wagons parked, and fences. The contest for the time was very warm. We captured some 15 or 20 prisoners, 5 or 6 wagons, destroyed some 8 or 10 wagons laden with army stores, and carried off the teams of mules. We held our position until we were ordered to retire.

The casualties were - Company C, 1 sergeant wounded; Company D, 1 private; Company E, 2 privates; Company F, 1 private; Company G, 1 private; Company H, 2 privates; Company I, 1 private; Company K, 1 private killed and 2 wounded. We returned to a place on the Nashville and Shelbyville dirt road, and at 2 o'clock in the morning halted to rest.

Friday morning, the 2nd, we were ordered to march, and proceeded to the point on the Wilkinson pike where we engaged the enemy on the afternoon of the 31st. We remained drawn up in line of battle until after sunset that evening, when we were ordered to proceed down the Wilkinson pike several miles, and turning on a dirt road, marched until a late hour in the night. We were halted and ordered to rest.

At daylight the next morning (the 3rd) we were ordered to remount, and proceeded to Antioch Church. At that point we were ordered to proceed to the Nashville and Murfreesborough pike, at or near Blood's, which is within 8 miles of Nashville. We reached the point designated about 2 o'clock in the afternoon, and soon became engaged in a skirmish with the enemy, which was kept up for an hour, when orders were received from General Wheeler to withdraw and return by Antioch Church and join him. We did so,and after a toilsome marched we halted at the place from which we moved on Friday evening, and bivouacked until morning.

On Monday morning, the 4th, about sunrise, we crossed Stone's River and proceeded on the Manchester pike 3 miles. We halted and remained there until the next morning, when we were again ordered to march. We advanced on that pike for 4 miles farther, where we halted until the afternoon, when we [were] ordered to return on the pike some 3 miles. We were ordered to dismount to fight, and formed on the right of the pike facing Murfreesborough, and soon became engaged with the enemy's cavalry, who advanced under cover of their artillery, firing grape and shell. We checked their advanced and kept up a brisk engagement until artillery retired on the pike, before a greatly superior force, with the following casualties: Company B, 1 private wounded; Company C, 2