War of the Rebellion: Serial 029 Page 0851 Chapter XXXII. THE STONE'S RIVER CAMPAIGN.

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men of the Sixteenth Alabama, viz: Col. W. B. Wood and Adjt. B. A. Wilson [wounded]; Captain [William] Hodges, Company F; Lieutenant [C.] Davis, Company B; Lieutenant [G. W. W.] Jones, Company G; Lieutenant [G.] Pride, Company A; Lieutenant [C. F.] Carson, Company C, who remained fighting after he was wounded; Lieutenant [D. O.] Warren, Company F; Lieutenant [Thomas J.] Salter, Company D, who was wounded, but returned to the field the moment his wound was dressed; Sergt. MajorRobert H. Cherry and Private Harvey G. Sargent, of Company H; Privates William Boyce and James Peeden, of Company C; Sergeant Bowen, Company H; Sergt. H. W. Rutland, Company A; Privates Peter White, Company F; Robert Williams, Company B, and H. D. Smith, Company A; the latter, wounded in both legs, deserve promotion. In the Forty-fifth Mississippi: Lieutenant-Colonel [R.] Charlton, Major [E. F.] Nunn, Adjt. Frank Foster, jr., Sergeants Asberry, Doolittle, Morrison, Vaughan, Stewart, Lieut. G. W. Williams, Sergeant-Major Kern, Corporals Mallett, Hackler, and Read, and Private McChadin. Corporal Read volunteered to carry the colors after the color-bearer had been shot down. He is well qualified as an officer, and ought to be promoted. In the Thirty-third Alabama: Colonel [Samuel] Adams, Captains [W. E.] Dodson and Thomas Seay [severely wounded, in advance], Sergeant-Major Mizell [mortally wounded], Corpl. Isaac R. Smith, Company C; Sergeant Stewart, Company H; Privates Byrd, Company I; Foster, Company E, and Riley, Company D. In the Third Confederate: Major [J. F.] Cameron. Wood's Sharpshooters: Captain [A. T.] Hawkins.

Polk's Brigade.-In Fifth Confederate: Col. J. A. Smith and Adjt. F. T. Smith. In First Arkansas: Colonel [John W.] Colquitt, Lieut. Colonel Don McGregor, Adjt. S. N. Greenwood, Captain [William A.] Alexander, Company B [wounded]; Captain [W. H.] Scales, Company C [wounded]; Captain [O. F.] Parrish, Company D [wounded]; Lieutenant John E. Letson [wounded]; Corpls. Green M. McKenzie, Company A [killed]; John S. T. Hemphill, Company B [wounded]; Privates G. W. Sallee, Company C; J. C. Bogy, Company D; W. W. Chaney, Company E; Hardee J. Bullion, Company F, and A. P. Green, Company G [killed]; James Beeson, Company H; John H. Curd, Company I [killed]; Ocean C. Choat, Company K [killed]. In Thirteenth and Fifteenth Arkansas: Capt. Thomas H. Osborne, Companies B and H, Fifteenth Arkansas; Lieut. John Dolan, Company A, Thirteenth Arkansas, ought to be promoted; Color-bearer Felix E. Lipe, Thirteenth Arkansas [wounded]; First Sergt. J. M. Harkleroad, Company F, Fifteenth Arkansas; Private William Sandford, Company E, Thirteenth Arkansas [wounded], ought to be promoted; Lieut. William [H.] Pearce and Captain [W. H.] Kinsey, Fifteenth Arkansas. In Fifth Tennessee: Col. B. J. Hill, well worthy of promotion. Calvert's Battery: Joseph Lemon, color-bearer, deserves promotion.

Liddell's Brigade.-In Second Arkansas: Lieutenants [H. C.] Collier and [B. L.] Clegg, I fear killed; Lieutenant Colonel [Reuben F.] Harvey, Captain [J. K] Phillips, Company F, ought to be promoted; Lieutenant [C. S.] Emerson, Company A; [M. D.] Brown, Company K, and [R. E.] Smith, Company G. In Eighth Arkansas: Adjutant [H. J.] McCurdy, a brave young sold er [killed]: Lieutenant [S. B.] Cole, Company I; Lieut. Calvin East, Company H; Lieut. T. H. Beard, Company F [killed]; Lieutenant [W. M.] Bass, Company E; Captain [W. H.] Lankford, Company A; Lieutenant [B. A.] Terrett, Company E. In Fifth Arkansas: Captain [A. B.] Washington, Company K; Privates John Atkinson, Company C; B. W. Maret, Company I, and C. Mattix,