War of the Rebellion: Serial 029 Page 0659 Chapter XXXII. THE STONE'S RIVER CAMPAIGN.

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Third (Walthall's) Brigade.

Brigadier General J. PATTON ANDERSON.

45th Alabama, Colonel James G. Gilchrist.

24th Mississippi, Lieutenant Colonel R. P. McKelvaine.

27th Mississippi:

Colonel T. M. Jones.

Lieutenant Colonel J. L. Autry.

Captain E. R. Neilson.

29th Mississippi:

Colonel W. F. Brantly.

Lieutenant Colonel J. B. Morgan.

30th Mississippi, Lieutenant Colonel J. I. Scales.

39th North Carolina,* Captain A. W. Bell.

Missouri Battery, Captain O. W. Barret.

Fourth (Anderson's) Brigade.

Colonel A. M. MANIGAULT.

24th Alabama.

28th Alabama.

34th Alabama.

10th South Carolina,

19th South Carolina,

Colonel A. J. Lythgoe.

Alabama Battery, Captain D. D. Waters.


Lieutenant General WILLIAM J. HARDEE.



First Brigade.

Brigadier General DANIEL W. ADAMS.


32nd Alabama:

Lieutenant Colonel Henry Maury.

Colonel Alexander McKinstry.

13th Louisiana,

Colonel R. L. Gibson.

20th Louisiana,

Major Charles Guillet.

16th Louisiana,

Colonel S. W. Fisk.

25th Louisiana,

Major F. C. Zacharie.

14th Louisiana Battalion, Major J. E. Austin.

Washington Artillery (5th Battery), Lieutenant W. C. D. Vaught.

Second Brigade.

Colonel J. B. PALMER.

Brigadier General GIDEON J. PILLOW.

18th Tennessee:

Colonel J. B. Palmer.

Lieutenant Colonel W. R. Butler.

26th Tennessee, Colonel John M. Lillard.

28th Tennessee, Colonel P. D. Cunningham.

32nd Tennessee, Colonel Ed. C. Cook.

45th Tennessee, Colonel A. Searcy.

Moses' (Georgia) battery, Lieutenant R. W. Anderson.

Third Brigade.

Brigadier General WILLIAM PRESTON.

1st Florida,

3rd Florida,

Colonel William Miller.

4th Florida, Colonel William L. L. Bowen.

60th North Carolina, Colonel J. A. McDowell.

20th Tennessee:

Colonel T. B. Smith.

Lieutenant Colonel F. M. Lavender.

Major F. Claybrooke.

Tennessee Battery:

Captain E. E. Wright.

Lieutenant J. W. Mebane.

Fourth Brigade.

Brigadier General R. W. HANSON.

Colonel R. P. TRABUE.

41st Alabama:

Colonel H. Talbird.

Lieutenant Colonel M. L. Stansel.

2nd Kentucky, Major James W. Hewitt.

4th Kentucky:

Colonel R. P. Trabue.

Captain T. W. Thompson.

6th Kentucky, Colonel Joseph H. Lewis.

9th Kentucky, Colonel T. H. Hunt.

Kentucky Battery, Captain R. Cobb.

Jackson's Brigade.+

Brigadier General JOHN K. JACKSON.

5th Georgia:

Colonel W. T. Black.

Major C. P. Daniel.

2nd Georgia Battalion Sharpshooters, Major J. J. Cox.

5th Mississippi, Lieutenant Colonel W. L. Sykes.

8th Mississippi:

Colonel J. C. Wilkinson.

Lieutenant Colonel A. McNeill.

Pritchard's (Georgia) battery.

Lumsden's (Alabama) battery, Lieutenant H. H. Cribbs.


*Joined brigade December 31; transferred, January 2, to Manigault's brigade.

+Temporarily assigned to Breckinridge's division.