War of the Rebellion: Serial 029 Page 0392 KY.,MID.AND E.TENN.,N.ALA.,AND SW.VA. Chapter XXXII.

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passed to the right of the highway and occupied a hill, upon which was a log-house, giving them a good fighting position. The Second Kentucky Cavalry, Captain Cradlock, about 50 strong, was then sent to the left and front to feel the enemy, and at once became engaged. The right wing of the First Wisconsin was rallied on the right, and placed in rear of the first section of artillery, which was then upon the hill occupied by the Twenty-first Wisconsin, opening with shell. The Seventy-ninth Pennsylvania was placed in rear of the left wing of the First Wisconsin, which was skirmishing to the front. One section of artillery opened upon the enemy in front as between my infantry on the right and left.

The engagement at this time became general, as between the enemy and the First and Twenty-first Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry and two sections of the First Kentucky Battery, the enemy acting principally on foot, supported by two field howitzers. The enemy was, however, finally repulsed, and left the field howitzers. The enemy was, however, finally repulsed, and left the field after severe fighting, the engagement lasting two hours and ten minutes, the brigade following 1 1/2 miles, when, deeming my rear unsafe, I ordered the command to retire, and went into camp on the north side of Stone's River, near Jefferson.

The enemy's force, as near as could be ascertained, was some 3,500 strong; strength of my force was about 1,700. The enemy's loss in killed, as learned from prisoners taken since the fight, was 83. Their loss in wounded must have been very severe; but as the wounded and dead were carried away mostly by the cavalry upon their horses, it is impossible to give their loss with certainty. Eight prisoners were taken and paroled, two of whom were mortally wounded. A lieutenant-colonel of Wheeler's brigade was also mortally wounded.

Casualties upon our side were as per recapitulation, the chief part of the loss being convalescents, who were with the train when attacked. Twenty wagons from the rear of the train were taken and destroyed by fire, with the contents thereof, consisting of camp and garrison equipage, officers' and men's clothing, &c.

The troops under my command acted with great coolness and bravery; no flinching, no running, but the utmost coolness shown by all, adding another creditable mark to the old Twenty-eighth Brigade.

Staff officers and orderlies carried orders fearlessly to different parts of the field, entitling them to great credit and to my thanks.


Command Killed Wounded Missing Prisoners Total

79th - 1 1 5 7


21st Wisconsin 1 3 37 - 41

1st Wisconsin - 4 13 3 20

1st Kentucky - - 1 1 2


24th Illinois - - 52 - 52

1 8 104 9 122

The missing are prisoners taken with train, most of them being convalescents, and will undoubtedly be paroled.

Yours, respectfully,


Colonel First Wisconsin Vols., Comdg. Twenty-eighth Brigade.

Capt. M. C. TAYLOR,

Acting Assistant Adjutant-General, Third Division.