War of the Rebellion: Serial 029 Page 0173 Chapter XXXII. THE STONE'S RIVER CAMPAIGN.

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Numbers 236.-Colonel W. L. L. Bowen, Florida Infantry.

Numbers 237.-Major John T. Lesley, Fourth Florida Infantry.

Numbers 238.-Colonel Joseph A. McDowell, Sixtieth North Carolina Infantry.

Numbers 239.-Colonel T. B. Smith, Twentieth Tennessee Infantry.

Numbers 240.-Major F. Claybrooke, Twentieth Tennessee Infantry.

Numbers 241.-Lieutenant John W. Mebane, Wright's Tennessee battery.

Numbers 242.-Colonel Robert P. Trabue, Fourth Kentucky Infantry, commanding Fourth Brigade.

Numbers 243.-Lieutenant Colonel M. L. Stansel, Forty-first Alabama Infantry.

Numbers 244.-Major James W. Hewitt, Second Kentucky Infantry.

Numbers 245.-Colonel Joseph H. Lewis, Sixth Kentucky Infantry.

Numbers 246.-Colonel Thomas H. Hunt, Ninth Kentucky Infantry.

Numbers 247.-Captain Robert Cobb, Kentucky battery.

Numbers 248.-Brigadier General John K. Jackson, C. S. Army, commanding brigade.

Numbers 249.-Major Charles P. Daniel, Fifth Georgia Infantry.

Numbers 250.-Major Jesse J. Cox, Second Georgia Battalion Sharpshooters.

No. 251.-Lieutenant Colonel A. McNeill, Eighth Mississippi Infantry.

Numbers 252.-Lieutenant Harvey H. Cribbs, Lumsden's (Alabama) battery.

Numbers 253.-Major-General Patrick R. Cleburne, C. S. Army, commanding division.

Numbers 254.-Brigadier General Lucius E. Polk, C. S. Army, commanding First Brigade.

Numbers 255.-Lieutenant Thomas J. Key, Helena Battery.

Numbers 256.-Brigadier General St. John R. Liddell, C. S. Army, commanding Second Brigade.

Numbers 257.-Colonel Daniel C. Govan, Second Arkansas Infantry.

Numbers 258.-Lieutenant Colonel Reuben F. Harvey, Second Arkansas Infantry.

Numbers 259.-Lieutenant Colonel John E. Murray, Fifth Arkansas Infantry.

Numbers 260.-Major William F. Douglass, Sixth Arkansas Infantry, commanding Sixth and Seventh Regiments.

Numbers 261.-Colonel John H. Kelly, Eighth Arkansas Infantry.

Numbers 262.-Lieutenant Colonel George F. Baucum, Eighth Arkansas Infantry.

Numbers 263.-Lieutenant H. Shannon, Warren Light Artillery.

Numbers 264.-Brigadier General Bushrod R. Johnson, C. S. Army, commanding Third Brigade.

Numbers 265.-Lieutenant James B. Lake,----, Chief Ordnance Officer.

Numbers 266.-Lieutenant Colonel Watt W. Floyd, Seventeenth Tennessee Infantry.

Numbers 267.-Lieutenant Colonel R. H. Keeble, Twenty-third Tennessee Infantry.

Numbers 268.-Colonel John M. Hughs, Twenty-fifth Tennessee Infantry.

Numbers 269.-Lieutenant Colonel Samuel Davis, Twenty-fifth Tennessee Infantry.

Numbers 270.-Captain C. G. Jarnagin, Thirty-seventh Tennessee Infantry.

Numbers 271.-Colonel John S. Fulton, Forty-fourth Tennessee Infantry.

Numbers 272.-Captain Putnam Darden Jefferson Artillery.

Numbers 273.-Brigadier General S. A. M. Wood, C. S. Army, commanding Fourth Brigade, including skirmish on the Nolensville road, December 27.

Numbers 274.-Colonel William B. Wood, Sixteenth Alabama Infantry, including skirmish at Triune, December 27.

Numbers 275.-Colonel Samuel Adams, Thirty-third Alabama Infantry.

Numbers 276.-Major J. F. Cameron, Third Confederate Infantry.

Numbers 277.-Lieutenant Colonel R. Charlton, Forty-fifth Mississippi Infantry, including skirmishes near Triune, December 27.

Numbers 278.-Captain A. T. Hawkins, Fifteenth Battalion, Mississippi Sharpshooters.

Numbers 279.-Captain Henry C. Semple, Alabama Battery.

Numbers 280.-Major-General John P. McCown, C. S. Army, commanding division, Smith's corps.

Numbers 281.-Captain J. D. Allison,---, Chief Ordnance Officer.

Numbers 282.-Major George M. Mathes,---, Chief First Brigade.

Numbers 283.-Brigadier General M. D. Ector, C. S. Army, commanding First Brigade.

Numbers 284.-Colonel M. F. Locke, C. S. Army, Tenth Texas Cavalry (dismounted.)

Numbers 285.-Lieutenant Colonel J. M. Bounds, Eleventh Texas Cavalry (dismounted.)