War of the Rebellion: Serial 029 Page 0168 KY., M ID. AND E. TENN., N. ALA., AND SW. VA.

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Numbers 41.-Major Allen Buckner, Seventy-ninth Illinois Infantry.

Numbers 42.-Major Joseph P. Collins, Twenty-ninth Indiana Infantry.

Numbers 43.-Lieutenant Colonel Orrin D. Hurd, Thirtieth Indiana Infantry.

Numbers 44.-Captain Thomas E. Rose, Seventy-seventh Pennsylvania Infantry.

Numbers 45.-Colonel Philemon P. Baldwin, Sixth Indiana Infantry, commanding Third Brigade.

Numbers 46.-Lieutenant Hagerman Tripp, Sixth Indiana Infantry.

Numbers 47.-Lieutenant Colonel William W. Berry, Fifth Kentucky Infantry.

Numbers 48.-Major Joab A. Stafford, First Ohio Infantry.

Numbers 49.-Colonel Charles Anderson, Ninety-third Ohio Infantry.

Numbers 50.-Brigadier General Philip H. Sheridan, U. S. Army, commanding Third Division.

Numbers 51.-Captain Henry Hescock, First Missouri Light Artillery, Chief of Artillery.

Numbers 52.-Captain Charles Houghtaling, Battery C, First Illinois Light Artillery.

Numbers 53.-Captain Asahel K. Bush, Fourth Indiana Battery.

Numbers 54.-Colonel Nicholas Greusel, Thirty-sixth Illinois Infantry, commanding First Brigade.

Numbers 55.-Captain Porter C. Olson, Thirty-sixth Illinois Infantry.

Numbers 56.-Colonel Francis T. Sherman, Eighty-eighth Illinois Infantry.

Numbers 57.-Lieutenant Colonel William B. McCreery, Twenty-first Michigan Infantry.

Numbers 58.-Major Elisha C. Hibbard, Twenty-fourth Wisconsin Infantry.

Numbers 59.-Lieutenant Colonel Bernard Laiboldt, Second Missouri Infantry, commanding Second Brigade.

Numbers 60.-Major Francis Ehrler, Second Missouri Infantry.

Numbers 61.-Colonel Luther P. Bradley, Fifty-first Illinois Infantry, commanding Third Brigade.

Numbers 62.-Major-General George H. Thomas, U. S. Army, commanding Center.

Numbers 63.-Major-General Lovell H. Rousseau, U. S. Army, commanding First Division.

Numbers 64.-Lieutenant Francis L. Guenther, Battery H, Fifth U. S. Artillery.

Numbers 65.-Colonel Benjamin F. Scribner, Thirty-eighth Indiana Infantry, commanding First Brigade.

Numbers 66.-Lieutenant Colonel Daniel F. Griffin, Thirty-eighth Indiana Infantry.

Numbers 67.-Major Anson G. McCook, Second Ohio Infantry.

Numbers 68.-Lieutenant Colonel Stephen A. Bassford, Ninety-fourth Ohio Infantry.

Numbers 69.-Colonel Alfred R. Chapin, Tenth Wisconsin Infantry.

Numbers 70.-Colonel John Beatty, Third Ohio Infantry, commanding Second Brigade.

Numbers 71.-Colonel John C. Starkweather, First Wisconsin Infantry, commanding Third Brigade.

Numbers 72.-Lieutenant Colonel Oliver L. Shepherd, Eighteenth U. S. Infantry, commanding Fourth (Regular) Brigade.

Numbers 73.-Captain Jesse Fulmer, Fifteenth U. S. Infantry.

Numbers 74.-Captain Robert E. A. Crofton, Sixteenth U. S. Infantry.

Numbers 75.-Major James N. Caldwell, Eighteenth U. S. Infantry.

Numbers 76.-Major Frederick Townsend, Eighteenth U. S Infantry.

Numbers 77.-Captain James B. Mulligan, Nineteenth U. S. Infantry.

Numbers 78.-Brigadier General James S. Negley, U. S. Army, commanding Second Division.

Numbers 79.-Lieutenant Alban A. Ellsworth, Hewett's (Kentucky) battery.

Numbers 80.-Lieutenant Alexander Marshall, Battery G, First Ohio Light Artillery.

Numbers 81.-Brigadier General James G. Spears, U. S. Army, commanding First Brigade, of operations January 2-9.

Numbers 82.-Colonel Joseph A. Cooper, Sixth Tennessee Infantry, of skirmish at Cox's Hill.

Numbers 83.-Colonel Timothy R. Stanley, Eighteenth Ohio Infantry, commanding Second Brigade.

Numbers 84.-Lieutenant Colonel Alexander W. Raffen, Nineteenth Illinois Infantry.

Numbers 85.-Colonel William L. Stoughton, Eleventh Michigan Infantry.

Numbers 86.-Lieutenant Colonel Josiah Given, Eighteenth Ohio Infantry.