War of the Rebellion: Serial 028 Page 0678 OPERATIONS IN N.VA., W.VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter XXXI.

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HEADQUARTERS, October 23, 1862.

Respectfully forwarded. Colonel Corse is one of the most gallant and worthy officers in this army. He and his regiment have been distinguished in at least ten of the severest battles of the war.

Very respectfully,


Major-General, Commanding.



Commanding Forces on Rappahanock:

COLONEL: I have just received your letter of the 21st, by your courier, and am gratified at the arrangement you have made for observing the country north of the Rappahannock. I am pleased to find that your scouts are so close to the enemy, and if your troops are bold and alert in the discharge of their duty, which I have no doubt they will be, the enemy can no move of importance without its being discovered. The information you give corresponds with that received from scouts sent from this army, who go as far as the Potomac. They report, in addition, that no embarkation of troops has taken place at Alexandria, nor has there been any preparation for such a movement. General Walker, with his division, has taken post near Upperville, Fauquier County, and you are desired to place yours in communication with him. Let your pickets extend to his, and you both can be reciprocally informed of the enemy's movements.

I have the honor to be, with great respect, your obedient servant,

R. E. LEE,


P. S.-I think, from your report, that you ought to have more artillery, unless you have failed to enumerate some portion. If I am correct, apply to Major-General Smith.


Colonel J. D. IMBODEN,

Commanding, &c., Petersburg, Va.:

COLONEL: Your letter to General Jackson, of the 20th instant,* just received by the commanding general, to whom it was referred. He has referred to the chief quartermaster and commissary of this army the portions relating to the procurement of horses and cattle. Proceed as you have done heretofore, procuring all of each as far as possible, not delaying to receive Federal money, which will, if to be obtained, be sent to you.

The commanding general wishes you, if news from Loring is corroborated satisfactory, to cross the mountains for co-operation with his forces, as preferable to any independent move, it being most important to damage, in every possible way, their lines of communication, by destroying bridges, tanks, tunnels, &c., on the railroads. This operation


*Not found.