War of the Rebellion: Serial 028 Page 0649 Chapter XXXI. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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and that int he other company retained (Captain R. C. M. Page's), First Lieutenant John L. Grubbs be dropped as not only unfit for, but injurious in, his post.

4th. That the four companies constituting Lieutenant-Colonel Cutts; reserve battalion be consolidated into three, by relieving the officers of Captain [James A.] Blackshear's battery, and distributing the men among the three retained-22 to Captain [H. M.] Ross, 29 to Captain Lane, and 42 to Captain [G. M.] Patterson-thus raising each of these to 150 men present for duty.

5th. That the four companies of Major [William] Nelson's reserve battalion be reduced to three, by relieving the officers of Captain [John J.] Ancell's battery, as not fully up to the standard of efficiency, and assigning his men to the two other Virginia companies in suitable proportions, under major Nelson's supervision; by dropping captain [C. T.] Huckstep from one of those retained, as wholly unfit, first Lieutenant [John] Livingston Massier, an admirable officer, thus becoming captain; dropping Second Lieutenant [James W.] Poats, as unfit, and retaining First Lieutenant [B. F.] Ancell as first lieutenant of the resulting battery, and assigning other lieutenants from other companies to be distributed. Further, by attaching First Lieutenant Maddox (heretofore attached to Captain Blackshear's, of Lieutenant-Colonel Cutts' battalion), with his section, to Captain [John] Milledge's, [jr.,] battery, all being from Georgia; Lieutenant [T. A.] Maddox to be senior first lieutenant of the resulting battery, and Lieutenant [John T.] Rogers to be junior first lieutenant, Acting Lieutenant [Robert

Falligant, of Lieutenant-Colonel Cutts' battalion, to be transferred to, and act with, this Milledge battery as senior second lieutenant.

6th. That the battalion commanded by major Saunders, and attached to General Anderson's division, be reduced from three companies to two, by reeving the officers of Captain Thompson's (late Grimes') battery as below the standard of efficiency, and distributing the men, under major Saunders' direction, among the other two companies-Moorman's and Huger's.

In all these instances the officers commanding to select for the portions retained the best horses and equipments of those distributed, and to turn over the surplus of ordnance to the ordnance department, and of horses to the quartermaster's department.

7th. That the following division batteries be broken up and distributed, their officers being relieved, as hereinafter provided for, viz:

1. Captain Lloyd's company to have its officers all relieved, as inadequate for their duties, and his men, numbering 85 present, assigned-55 to Captain manly, General McLaws' division, and 28 to Captain Reilly, General Hood's division, these companies being all from north Carolina; horses and equipments to be turned over to the proper department.

2. Captain Chapman's (General Feartherston's brigade), as greatly below the service standard, having only 32 men present for duty. for merits of officers, reference to their immediate commanders respectfully suggested. men and horses may be assigned to Captain Pegram.

3. Captain Brown's (wise artillery), as also below the service standard, having only 48 men present for duty; as now also without an efficient commander, Captain Brown, a good officer, who has rendered long and good service, being painfully wounded, and not likely for a considerable time to be able to resume his duties. The men and horses recommended to be assigned Colonel S. D. Lee for his battalion.

4. Captain G. Washington Nelson's battery (Hanover Artillery), the