War of the Rebellion: Serial 028 Page 0115 Chapter XXXI. OPERATIONS IN LOUDOUN COUNTY, ETC.

UPPERVILLE, [VA.], November 4, 1862 - 6.45 a. m.

GENERAL: Eight prisoners have arrived from Piedmont. One is an officer, first lieutenant of Fifth Virginia Cavalry. The men belong to the Firts, Fourth, and Fifth Virginia Cavalry, which shows one of Stuart's brigades went that way. Unless otherwise ordered, I shall move to that point this morning, and push a reconnaissance to Manassas Gap; at the same time try and connect with signal's people toward Thoroughfare Gap. As Couch covers Ashby's Gap this morning, by my going farther down there is more chance of preventing their escape on this side, under the mountain, where I am told there is a road, but rough.

Please order some Sharps' carbine ammunition for my command immediately; say 100,000 rounds. There is none on hand at Harper's Ferry, so I am told, and we have skirmished so much my men are nearly out.

Where shall I draw my next provisions? I only want to know in time.

Doubleday's brigade of infantry, under Lieutenant-Colonel Hofmann, did good service yesterday as skirmishers. Lieutenant Edgell, commanding battery New Hampshire Volunteers, with the brigade, also did some good firing.

This brigade is ordered to report to Doubleday, this morning, by me.



Brigadier-General MARCY.

PIEDMONT, November 4, 1862 - 1.45 p. m.

GENERAL: Have arrived at this point, and shall send a force forward immediately toward Chester Gap, and have directed Averell to push one from Markham. This is a fine position, and if I had some signal people could oversee much of the country from a high point quite near.

Averell has been firing some on the cavalry retreating.

Very respectfully,


Brigadier-General, Commanding Brigade.

General McCLELLAN.

PIEDMONT, November 4, 1862 - 3.45 p. m.

GENERAL: General Averell has sent for assistance at Markham, and reports having had a hard fight with Stuart. I am moving forward to re-enforce him. It would be well to send forward some infantry here to-night. Walker's corps left here last Thursday, so says one of his men, and passed through this gap. Jackson is covering the enemy as rear guard.




PIEDMONT, November 4, [1862] - 4.45 p. m.

GENERAL: I have sent Colonel Gregg and the Sixth Cavalry to re-enforce Averell, at Markham. On looking at the road from here to Markham, I find it would not do to move my whole command to that point, the country being very hilly, and no places to turn round in case of retreat. I have, therefore, directed Averell not to attempt to push farther,