War of the Rebellion: Serial 027 Page 0909 Chapter XXXI. THE MARYLAND CAMPAIGN.

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left flank into the wood, which I did. My skirmishers (the right wing of the Georgia Regulars, Captain [R. A.] Wayne commanding), not having the command to change direction, had continued moving by the flank, and uncovered my front. Having moved some distance over the mountain side, I halted, and sent forward to find Captain Wayne, but could not for the reason above given, and, finding that the fire of the enemy was more to my left than front, I changed front forward on the left, and had the left wing of the Georgia Regulars, under direction of Colonel [William J.] Magill, deployed as skirmishers; and as I was in the act of advancing to find the enemy, Lieutenant Shellman, adjutant Eighth Georgia Regiment, reported the enemy as having turned Drayton's right flank, and being on our left and rear. A few of them were taken prisoners, and several of Drayton's men, who had been captured, released. To prevent the enemy from cutting off my small brigade, being at the time alone (General Ripley's brigade, on my right, being several hundred yards away, as I found by sending Captain [J. G.] Montgomery, First Georgia Regulars, to report for orders, who reported him at least one-quarter of a mile from my right, after a long search), I ordered my brigade to move by the left flank and recross the road, in our original rear, and there reformed my line of battle, and was advancing to find the right of Drayton's brigade when Captain [H. D. D.] twigs and Lieutenant [G. B.] Lamar [jr.], First Georgia Regulars, in charge of skirmishers, called my attention to the fact that the enemy were crossing the road in considerable force on my left flank. Seeing this myself, and to prevent my left from being turned, I moved by the left diagonally to the rear to intercept them, and at this time found General Hood's two brigades coming up to support that part of the line. He engaged the enemy and drove him back. Not knowing where to find General Ripley or General Drayton, I reported to General Hood for instructions, and was requested by him to hold my position to protect his left flank, and remained there until drawn off the field after night. In consequence of being separated from Drayton's right by the order of General Ripley, and having to recross the road to avoid being surrounded, my men were not engaged in the fight, except the first line of skirmishers, under Captain Wayne. For casualties see accompanying lists.*

Falling back from this place, I was ordered to report to Brigadier-General Hood, commanding the rear guard, and remained with him until our arrival at Sharpsburg. I was ordered into position in rear of the Washington Artillery, and remained there-except about three hours, being moved to the opposite side of the road for that length of time-until the morning of the 17th.

About 7.30 a. m., the 17th, I was ordered to the left to support General Hood. Without a guide or directions how to find him, I moved off, and directed my course by the sound of the musketry, and succeeded in finding General Hood, who pointed out the position he wished me to occupy. I remained in this position but a few moments (other troops he moved in front of me), and moved by the left flank some 200 yards, and engaged the enemy and drove them for about half a mile, my men and officers behaving in the most gallant manner. By this time the enemy had disappeared from before us, and while I was at a different part of the line some mounted officer (unknown) reported the enemy turning our right flank, and ordered the men to fall back, and some confusion was created, but I soon reformed the line and moved to the right,


* Embodied in Numbers 205.