War of the Rebellion: Serial 027 Page 0808 OPERATIONS IN N. VA., W. VA., MD., AND PA.

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Brigadier General JOHN R. JONES.

Brigadier General W. E. STARKE.

Colonel A. J. GRIGSBY.

Winder's Brigade.

Colonel A. J. GRIGSBY.

Lieutenant Colonel R. D. GARDNER (Fourth Virginia).


2nd Virginia, Captain R. T. Colston.

4th Virginia, Lieutenant Colonel R. D. Gardner.

5th Virginia, Major H. J. Williams.

27th Virginia, Captain F. C. Wilson.

33rd Virginia, Captain Golladay and Lieutenant Walton.

Taliaferro's Brigade.

Colonel E. T. H. WARREN.

Colonel J. W. JACKSON.

Colonel J. L. SHEFFIELD.

47th Alabama.

48th Alabama.

10th Virginia.

23rd Virginia.

37th Virginia.

Jones' Brigade.

Colonel B. T. JOHNSON.

Brigadier General J. R. JONES.

Captain J. E. PENN.

Captain R. W. WITHERS.

21st Virginia, Captain A. C. Page.

42nd Virginia, Captain R. W. Withers.

48th Virginia, Captain Candler.

1st Virginia Battalion, Lieutenant C. A. Davidson.

Starke's Brigade.

Brigadier General WILLIAM E. STARKE.

Colonel L. A. STAFFORD.


1st Louisiana, Lieutenant Colonel M. Nolan.

2nd Louisiana, Colonel J. M. Williams.

9th Louisiana.

10th Louisiana, Captain H. D. Monier.

15th Louisiana.

Coppens' (Louisiana) battalion.



Alleghany (Virginia) Artillery (Carpenter's battery).

Brockenbrough's (Maryland) battery.

Danville (Virginia) Artillery (Wooding's battery).

Hampden (Virginia) Artillery (Caskie's battery).

Lee (Virginia) Battery (Raine's battery).

Rockbridge (Virginia) Artillery (Poague's battery).


Major General DANIEL H. HILL.

Ripley's Brigade.

Brigadier General ROSWELL S. RIPLEY.


4th Georgia, Colonel George Doles.

44th Georgia, Captain Key.

1st North Carolina, Lieutenant Colonel H. A. Brown.

3rd North Carolina, Colonel William L. De Rosset.

Rodes' Brigade.

Brigadier General R. E. RODES.

3rd Alabama, Colonel C. A. Battle.

5th Alabama, Major E. L. Hobson.

6th Alabama, Colonel J. B. Gordon.

12th Alabama, Colonel B. B. Gayle and Lieutenant Colonel S. B. Pickens.

26th Alabama, Colonel E. A. O'Neal.

Garland's Brigade.

Brigadier General SAMUEL GARLAND, jr.

Colonel D. K. McRAE.

5th North Carolina, Colonel D. K. McRae and Captain T. M. Garrett.

12th North Carolina, Captain S. Snow.

13th North Carolina, Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Ruffin, jr.

20th North Carolina, Colonel Alfred Iverson.

23rd North Carolina, Colonel D. H. Christie.

Anderson's Brigade.

Brigadier General GEORGE B. ANDERSON.

Colonel R. T. BENNETT.

2nd North Carolina, Colonel C. C. Tew and Captain G. M. Roberts.

4th North Carolina, Colonel Bryan Grimes and Capts. W. T. Marsh and D. P. Latham.

14th North Carolina, Colonel R. T. Bennett.

30th North Carolina, Colonel F. M. Parker and Major W. W. Sillers.


*On "field return," Army of Northern Virginia, for September 22, this division ap pears as of Jackson's Corps.