War of the Rebellion: Serial 027 Page 0763 Chapter XXXI. THE MARYLAND CAMPAIGN.

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Question. The commanding officer of Maryland Heights?

Answer. Yes, sir; or I am satisfied he could not have meant anybody else. I took for granted he meant the commanding officer of the heights.

Question. Farther along you say in your testimony, "While I was standing there, an officer, a colonel, rode up, and spoke to a gentleman standing there, saying, 'I have given up Maryland Heights, according to the order I have just got.'"

Answer. Yes, sir; that is right.

Question. When you speak of "a gentleman," was he an officer?

Answer. Yes, sir; I am satisfied he was an officer.

Question. Where was this officer standing?

Answer. Right in front of Colonel Miles' quarters.

Question. How long had you been there at headquarters, either with Colonel Miles or about there?

Answer. From the time I left General White until I left Harper's Ferry to go back, I suppose it was some two hours and a half, or may be three hours. I cannot recollect just the time, because I had right smart to attend to. I was bothered about a great many things then.

Question. Can you state near the time?

Answer. I suppose about three hours. I am positive about that.

Question. Leaving there about what time do you suppose?

Answer. About 11 o'clock, I think.

Question. It is all memory on your part, I suppose?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Captain W. ANGELO POWELL, called by Colonel Ford and sworn, and examined as follows:


Question. Were you at Harper's Ferry at the time of the evacuation, or about that time; and, if so, in what capacity?

Answer. I was; acting as engineer.

Question. In what force?

Answer. In the Engineer Corps.

Question. Did you hear Colonel Miles say anything about whether or not Maryland Heights could be retained; and, if so, what did he say upon that subject?

Answer. After the evacuation of Maryland Heights, in the afternoon, Colonel Miles said in his office that it was well Colonel Ford had left as soon as he did, otherwise his men would have been driven back and his huns captured and turned upon us.

Question. Do you know whether or not Colonel Ford sent at any time to Colonel Miles for re-enforcements?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question. What occurred?

Answer. I do not know how many were sent to him; but he sent for re-enforcements.

Question. What remarks were made by Colonel Miles, or any other officer, to the person by whom Colonel Ford sent for re-enforcements?

Answer. I think it was on Friday evening that he said that Colonel Ford had